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  1. baronluigi

    Homebrew Help dumping a game with WOOD DUMPER SLOT 2

    Hi over there. Look, I am triying to test this program to make a dump fo a game of mine but I can not make this program work. Any time I try to start it a message of "FAT INIT FAIL" appears, and I do not know why this happens. I use a M3 PRO LITE flashcard as SLOT 2 flaschard, and I patch the...
  2. baronluigi

    Hacking Mario Y luigi RPG 3 bug on R4?

    A friend of mine has discovered a problem with the USA version of this game while he was playing it in his R4. He shared his save file with me and it happens the same in mines R4 (and it is not a clone). As you can see, instead of the blocks that...
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