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    Any way to PERMANENTLY remove the System Update message?

    This Maintenance Mode fix works to remove the "Ready to start system update" message, but it comes back. I'm not sure what triggers it to come back (sleep mode perhaps, or just a certain length of time) Is there a way to permanently get rid of this message? Also, it seems that the 90DNS...
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    Gaming Pokemon Bank "Move Failed" Mystery. What would possibly cause this?

    Hello: I have a 2DS with Pokemon Bank on it. Every time I try to do a Move from Bank to Home, I get a "Move has failed" message. I have tested this by trying a Move to 10 different Pokemon Home accounts, with no luck. All of the Home accounts I send to have enough space, so that is not the...
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    Hacking Could the need for new sigpatches cause crash for Save Data Transfer?

    I just updated to firmware 12 on Atmosphere. When I try to transfer my save files over to my clean console, Atmosphere crashes. Could this just be due to the need to update sig patches? If not, does anyone know know what could cause this? The game opens fine and loads the save data, so it...
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    Homebrew Problems with Checkpoint/JKSV After Update

    Hello, this is my first firmware update since switching to Atmosphere from SXOS, so pardon my ignorance. I just update to Switch firmware 12 (needed to because I have to use the save file transfer feature) and updated Atmosphere Everything went well, but now whenever I open Checkpoint, it...
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    Hacking Can Nintendo Ban Your IP? Or only your console?

    I have a few modded Switches now, and while I have been fortunate not to have received a ban (yet), I sometimes get a little nervous having a few of them. So I was wondering - can Nintendo ban your entire IP from accessing their online services? Or would they only ban the console itself?
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    Hacking SXOS To Atmosphere Question (No EmuNand)

    Hello: I read somewhere that if you want to migrate from SXOS to Atomsphere and don't use Emunand, you can simply download the Atmosphere files and sig patches, and boot into Atmosphere with fusee-primary, and that's it. Is this correct? Would it enable me to continue using all of my games...
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    Hacking Will save files in OFW link with Emunand?

    Will save files and game updates made in OFW also be available in Emunand? In Emunand, I need to have access to a game save made in OFW Thanks
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    Hacking Fatal Error After Updating EmuNand with ChoiDuJour

    After I updated my Emunand partition to 11.0.1 with ChoiDujour, I am getting an error. Error is: A fatal error occurred when running Atmosphere. Title ID: 0100000000000005 Error Desc: std::abort() called (0xffe) I know many will wonder why I updated it, and it is because my stock FW is on...
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    Hacking Really need help with Emunand

    I have Emunand on my Switch, and for whatever reason, it always just ends up confusing me. There are games that I need to use both on CFW, and also online. 1. Where should the game be installed? Should I buy it properly on stock FW, and then run it on CFW when needed? Or can I install the NSP...
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    ROM Hack How to send Pokemon to a friend via Home with Checkpoint?

    Hello: I have a Switch running CFW, and I have a bunch of Pokemon I would like to send to my friend's Pokemon Home (using Checkpoint so I can keep the Pokemon from my save file for myself). I know I can send him the older Gen ones from Bank, but this feature cannot be used to send the Gen 8...
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    Hacking Finally using Emunand - Quick Question About Stock Firmware

    After all this time, I finally installed emunand on my second Switch. I am running Atmosphere Just a quick question. When booting into stock firmware, is there a difference between going through the Launch menu in Hekate and choosing "Stock", or simply turning the Switch on normally? In other...
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    Hacking Did I pass the "Point of No Return" for CFW?

    So here is my situation: I bought a moddable Switch, and started the process. The only thing I have done so far is prep my SD card, boot up into the first Hekate menu, and backup my NAND. I have not proceeded into the Home menu of the Switch through CFW yet at all My original plan was to use...
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    Hacking EmuNAND in 9.2 and SXOS 2.9.4?

    Hello: I’m on firmware 9.2 running SXOS 2.9.4 I thought I recently read that you can’t use EmuNAND if above a certain firmware, but I can’t find where I read it or if it’s accurate. Will I be okay to do so? Also, I don’t see the EmuNAND Option in the “Options” section of SXOS. Did they get...
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    ROM Hack Some Questions About Unlocking Pokemon Games

    Hello: I have a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun, and I am trying to unlock everything on it. It is a gift for someone and I do not know a great deal about Pokemon. I noticed that you can buy an unlocked copy online, but they are $60 and that is way too steep for me considering I already have the...
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    ROM Hack How to unlock all Pokemon to cart?

    Hello, first is this in the right section? If not, really sorry. It seemed like the closest related to my question I have a Pokemon Ultra Sun cart and I want to unlock all of the Pokemon. I've looked everywhere about how to do this, but cannot seem to find info about it. It seems like I would...
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    Hacking Luma Possibly Broken. Ideas?

    Here is the info: - Originally installed Luma on 11.11 (USA) with Frogminer method - Updated to 11.12 (USA) - Game icons, FBI etc are now missing - Luma menu still loads when you hold Select upon boot - God Mode does not load when holding Start upon boot Updated Luma to latest version with...
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    Hacking Nephew Updated His 3DS to 11.12 And Mod Broke. Best Course of Action?

    I modded a New 2DS XL for my nephew using the Frogminer method. I modded it for him during the previous firmware (11.11.0-43U). I failed to tell him to ask me before updating, and he updated and said the games are not showing up. I plan to re-mod it for him using the BannerBomb method...
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    Hacking Touchscreen Not Working (In Japanese Flipnote)

    I know there are a couple other threads about this floating around recently, but I believe the fix for it involves already having Homebrew on the console. For my situation, the touchpad is working perfectly everywhere except in Japanese Flipnote (so I'm assuming it just doesn't work in all...
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    Hacking Converting From exFAT to FAT32 AFTER ChoiDujour?

    I am running SXOS and Switch firmware 8.1.0. I came from Switch firmware 5.1.0 and have since used ChoiDujour twice to go to 8.0.1, and then to 8.1.0. What is the best way to go about converting from exFAT to FAT32? The reason I am asking is because I remember that during the ChoiDujour...
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    Hacking Downsides/Drawbacks/Risks To Updating to 8.1 With ChoiDujour?

    I'm on SXOS and Switch FW 6.2, and I really want to play some new games (Cadence of Hyrule for example) that require a higher firmware. I tried Tinfoil but no dice this time. I successfully used ChoiDujour so update from 5.1 to 6.2 a couple months back, but I'm a little concerned that SXOS...
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