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    Hacking USB laucner and cIOS36_rev10 messed me up.

    When I boot up usb loader it shows my HD has 14 games with full disk space (No used space but like .03mb) . I click a empy slot and it asked me to load the game I do and nothing happens it just locks up. I tried formatting it via WBFS Manager 2.2.2 and put games on it with it with no luck and I...
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    Hacking USB Loader to ever support Ocarina?

    Do you think it will ever be possible to use Ocarina with the USB Loader? The faster speeds and the ability to boot from a hard drive is great but I do miss the option to use Ocarina like I did with my DVD-R backups.
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    Hacking Waninkoko's USB Loader 1.0 Channel [Download here]

    UPDATE 1.1 Download: No sound on channel. All you need for this to work is cIOS36_rev9-Installer: Download here
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    How the hell are advertising bots joining and making threads when you have to type the words GBATemp does not host roms (Something like that) when you make an account?
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    Payback is a bitch.
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    Homebrew SNES9X GX cheats

    How can I create my own cheat file to use with SNES9XGX because the ones I download work somewhat but have no description just info if you turned it on or off. Also I want to make some that are not available for download. And is there anyway to fix Super Mario Rpg text bug where after a few...
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    Hacking SSBB error

    I burned Brawl on a DVD+R DL Verbatim disk and used imageburn to burn it, I set layer break @ 2084960 and booktype was DVD-ROM. It burned fine and imgburn verified it and it checked out. It loads fine in gamma loader and I can play all modes but random times it gives me a white screen with...
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    Hacking Imageburn stuck on 2x

    No matter what I set it on it burns at 2x speed. Also when burning is complete it says the disk is blank. I burned one game it worked fine the others are blank.
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    Hacking Update to 3.4 through Wii System Update

    I got starfall and some other hacks installed if I update to 3.4 through Nintendo Update will it brick my wii? I just want to get it back to the way it was when I bought it and start fresh.
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    Hacking Super Paper Mario black screen

    I burned Super Paper Mario [NTSC] via Imageburn on 2.4x on Verbatim DVD-R and I get a black screen when trying to load through gamma loader. I brickblocked it also. What happens when you brick block a ISO that doesnt have a update will it mess up the ISO? Newer games work fine but this one...
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    Hacking Burning Dual Layer games.

    I wanted to know what software, settings, and DVD's to use when burning Dual layer DVDs such as SSBB. Would these DVD's work? (if so which one is the best?) Verbatim 8.5GB DVD-R DL or Verbatim 8.5GB DVD+R DL Also will ImgBurn work? If so what settings do I need to set it to to burn it? Will...
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    "& So We Love Playstation" Thought it was pretty cool.
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    Dreamcast backups

    I saw someone selling a Dreamcast nearby on craigslist and I wanted to know what would you have to do to play backup CDs on it? Also how much would a used one go for now?
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    Why are drugs popular/cool?

    Constantly when ever drugs or a single drug is mentioned on TV/Internet/In Public people cheer or start talking about how good it is and how much they have done or have. I honestly don't see why you would be proud of doing illegal drugs or doing it even if it was legal. For example if you watch...
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    Name that video game song.

    Most likely been done before but oh well. Guess what video game the music is from and the person who gets it right posts some audio of your choice and let others guess and so forth. Not the official song but a remix of it: Can someone point me to a...
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    Gaming Just me?

    Or has there been a lack of good games, heck even mediocre games for the DS for awhile. I don't even know any games that are coming in the near future that are good to look forward to. What are some games to look forward to?
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    Best place to buy a computer chair online?

    Does anyone know of any online web sites that are located in the USA that sell computer chairs and are reliable and have decent prices? Kind of looking for kind of a executive chair or something.
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    Gaming Buying PSP does model matter for backups?

    I am planning to buy a PSP and I wanted to play backups on it. 1) Does the model PSP matter when buying it. Does newer models make it more difficult and older easier? 2) What software/hardware do I need for new/old models? 3) How can I tell what model it is if im buying from a online site...
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    Gaming Good games to play with 360 controller?

    I'm not looking for PC games like GTA4, Left 4 Dead, TF2 etc.. (heavy graphic intense games that cost a lot of money 40$+) Mostly any flash games, indie games, arcade games, etc that is fun to play with a controller especially with a 360 controller. I have been playing some flash games with it...
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    Misc Detecting a NDS on a network

    Say you have a unsecured wireless network at school and I connect to it via NDS say I send a e-mail or something through that connection via NDS. Could the network admin know that it was a NDS that used the connection to do something or can they not tell it apart from a laptop? Basically does...
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