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  1. alexfree

    Hacking PS1/2 Worlds First Softmod Compatible With Japanese PSX Consoles: PS1 DemoSwap Patcher

    Me and MottZilla have been working on this update for a few months. This tool offers 2 different patches that can be applied to a rip of a PSX game to make it first boot a special Tonyhax loader. With this special Tonyhax you get working CD audio and correct TOC data on all consoles, even...
  2. alexfree

    PS1/2 TOCPerfect - Modify Playstation 1 Games To Have Perfect Audio And Multi-Disc Game Swap Support When Using The Swap Trick

    I am too new to these forums to post a direct link to my website (in my profile) which has a web page for my TOCPerfect program. Here are some excerpts explaining what TOCPerfect is, why it exists, and how it works. On my website I have started a compatibility list as games have been tested...
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