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    Original Oculus Quest will get Air Link feature in new update

    Theres already a way to use air link on quest 1 It works fine in my wifi6 setup. It's more stable and easier than VirtualDesktop but the latency in VD is slightly better imho. I'm glad they still support the quest 1 though.
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    Nintendo files lawsuit against Team Xecuter's Gary Bowser

    Imagine being extradited because of bing bing wahoo wtf
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    Homebrew R4 Stage2 TWL Flashcart Launcher(and perhaps other cards soon™)....

    anyone got YSMenu's R+L+X+Y+B+A restart to work? it shows me that SD Card logo "Restarting..." but it never restarts
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    Comment by 'shadoom' in 'This has got to be the most un-Linux thing I've seen in a VERY long time...'

    You're going to be even sicker when you realise how much Microsoft contributed to the Linux kernel
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    I dont see diffrence between 480p and 8k

    very cool post :yaysp:
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    Homebrew RELEASE Update - SkyNX v1.4 - Stream your PC games to your Switch without Android!

    Is there a tool that does the opposite of this tool? Streaming the Switch Video/Audio to a PC? Like Kit-Kat does for the 3DS Edit: Yes there is! "SysDVR"
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    Hacking Potential Anti-Piracy Mechanism in AC:NH

    im playing a backed up version on a cfw and got the barreleye and moray eel though
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    Tiny soldering guy

    As long as his soldering iron size is not connected to the PP it's all fun and games
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    Hacking Restart without losing CFW

    You can reboot sxos without losing cfw. I'm doing it often as Nintendo doesn't let you have a per-profile setting for language. You don't need to setup anything
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    Google Stadia launch titles revealed

    I got to test stadia beta with assassin's creed odyssey and it was running already very sophisticated without any noticeable input delay... But it's assassin's creed after all. But due to it being a stream it looked worse on ultra than on medium when rendered locally. Besides N"now" has a steam...
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    Hacking TX Presents SX OS v2.9.2 Beta - With Improved Stealth Mode and More!

    can we update to 9.01 with choidojour by now or is there still that bis key error?
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    Gaming Fortnight v bucks for free

    It's a scam as always
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    Hacking Question Atmosphere wifi keep disconnecting

    i had the same issue but i was on 8.0.0, when i updated to 8.0.1 this bug disappeared
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    shooting at VA beach courthouse

    Just a quick heads up, the link posted doesn't work in the EU "Our European visitors are important to us." Obviously not Here's one that does though:
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    Tetris 99 now has offline modes as DLC

    offline multiplayer coming end of the year :(
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    I'm having wifi issues since I switched to atmosphere (8.0). The little WiFi icon stays greyed out only for a second it gets white. In my router settings I can see its authenticating and getting its ip address every 1-2 seconds It seems that the switch is trying to establish the connection over...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    since I updated to 8.0 and switched from sx os to atmosphere I'm having wifi issues. The switch wont connect to the wifi automatically, and yes it is enabled. The little wifi logo on the home screen has full bars but is greyed out. Ocassionally it blinks white for a second but the internet wont...
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    ROM Hack Question Having trouble with Sword Art Online save modification

    對不起可是你的翻譯者不太好 我們看不懂你打的句子 [Sorry, but your translator is not very good. We can't read the sentences you typed.]
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