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    Hacking Bricked Wii and lost NAND

    A SysCheck is supposed to spit out which IOS are installed and what revision of each IOS what you provided here doesn't seam like much of a SysCheck (Found 45 IOS) ???? I think we will need more details as to which ISO are installed Try Dop-Mii
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    Gaming Replacing the top screen

    Well if your considering buying a top screen i could only assume that you have a little of technical knowledge in that case before buying anything my first move would be open it up and make sure that she didnt rip a ribon cable or one didnt get disconected. Take a look at it internally and see...
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    Hacking Returning to Play Some Games

    I would say put the files in and try playing, only you can tell if you need updating. I would say im a firm believer of if it aint broken dont mess with it. If you run in to issues you can try updating with ModMii as that seams to be noob friendly way of updating.
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    Hacking Any USB Loader won't back up my game to HDD anymore.

    Have you tried a newer USB Loader GX here is the latest if you want to try http://www.mediafire...8o5zzyg6b8vywsn The fact that it starts and than stops sugests that it just has an issue at a certain point on the DVD mayby cleaning the DVD's may help Are you still able to play these games from...
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    Hacking All my USB Loaders work except USB LoaderGX?

    Double posting? why dont you try some of the sugestions from the first post also here is a link to USB Loader GX that supports DML
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    Hacking Legit game unmodded my Wii?

    As XFlak sugested go the ModMii rout he abviously spent a lot of time and energy on it to make it easier for issues like yours here is a link As a side note USBLoader GX can be ran from different IOS if your sure that...
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    Hacking Gamecube Backup loader 0.2 launches through CFG

    Neogamma DML
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    Hacking Gamecube Backup loader 0.2 launches through CFG

    That means that spoon feeding is popular because clicking on the Downloads tab on top is just way too hard MIOS Patcher cIOS d2x
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    Hacking Bit.Trip Complete won't run on Neogamma

    Just because the game show up on your computer doesn't mean anything I had plenty of DVD's that i made a copy of and showed on PC but didnt work on the wii. Try re burning it again and see if that works, the other thing you can try is see if you can get it running on a flash drive or a USB hard...
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    Hacking When i download a app. i just get a boot.dol

    the structure should be SD root -> apps -> usbloader_gx -> boot.dol, icon.png, meta.xml Icon and meta are optional and will not stop an app from showing up in Homebrew channel. icon is just a picture as the name says, and meta is just info, decription of the app. boot.dol is the actual app...
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    Hacking Neogamma r9 won't play back-ups

    I would try a diferent DVD r brand some of the DVD blanks seam to have issues in the wii
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    Hacking A ? about neogamma r9

    Depends on how new your wii is. The Newer Wii's can’t Boot games through DVD with Neogamma. They can only boot games through USB of a Hard Drive using Neogamma Wiiflow, or usbloader gx ect... The older Wii's can boot games from DVD with Neogamma If your not sure what you have its really simple...
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    Hacking Cant install cIOSx REV 20b or rev 14

    u have to be careful not to delete certain IOS when using these kind of tools if u delete the right IOS the system will not boot any longer
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    Hacking IOS249[57]rev 20

    cIOS 249 r20b u chose the base once you run it
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    Hacking How to update to 4.2 from 3.X wii?

    If you install HBC than you can use MMM to update to 4.2 If you decide to install HBC after you update than you have to find a disk with 4.2 on it And as far as i know all the games you listed came out before 4.2 so none of them have 4.2 on the disk.
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    Hacking How to update to 4.2 from 3.X wii?

    if it was me i would put HBC on it before i would upgrade the SM, its a bit less complicated to do it on the older SM. But the choice is yours and if you want to update to 4.2 without the HBC than use a game disk i think NSMB has 4.2 and if you chose to do it through the HBC than just use MMM or...
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    Hacking my wii wont play any of my games.

    New wii's with D3-2 chip cant play backups using neogamma the only way to play backups with those is a mod chip or a usb loader or replace the dvd drive. Maybe this will help determine what you have inside hxxp:// Search is your friend
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    Hacking Backups?

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    Hacking New System Menu Update 4.3

    Is your HBC upside down?
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    Hacking New System Menu Update 4.3

    So is there a way to change the ID for the 4.3 not to delete it or do we just wait for TT to update? Just curious someone mentioned earlier that hes got one with a different ID so i assume there is a way to do it.
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