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  1. qqq1

    GCN No click with right bumper

    I picked up a used official gamecube controller. Everything does work but I'm not really getting that tactile "click" at the end of pulling the right bumper. It does still seem to work fine, just no click. The left bumper clicks just fine at the end of the pull. I found if I put my finger on the...
  2. qqq1

    Time not setting itself from internet

    *I got it working. I found a video about how Rocky5's softmod can update any older softmod so I gave it a shot. As soon as it finished my time was set correctly. Something or other got updated so it works again. Horay! I got out my Xbox I had modded and removed time capacitor a few years ago...
  3. qqq1

    Hacking Are 4gb+ files still an issue?

    I'm new on PS3 hacking. When I ran the test in multiman on my The Last of US disc it informed me that there is a large file. Is this still an issue? I've read about splitting the file but every thread I can find is 6+ years old. Will multiman autosplit files these days? If not, how do I get the...
  4. qqq1

    Hacking New to PS3 hacking. Where to begin?

    I bought a PS3 (slim I think?) like 6 years ago when the usb hack came out. I hacked it, copied a game over, put about 10 hours on it, and it has gathered dust since then. I think I completely wiped and reloaded it after that but that was still years ago. I know nothing at all about the current...
  5. qqq1

    Dreamcast disc drive replacement options? (hdd, sd, usb, etc)

    I'm looking to do something with a dreamcast I picked up and I want to replace the disc drive with something else. I know there have been several options but they seem a little hard to come by. Maybe I just don't know where to look. I would be happy with any replacement solution format. The...
  6. qqq1

    Hacking Wiiflow freezing with loading bar after updating hacks on old wii

    The other day I dug out my chipped and softmodded wii 4.2u that I hadn't touched in years. Using the old hacks on it I was still able to play my games from a hard drive using Wiiflow. I also had USB loader gx which worked but I liked wiiflow better. I played it a bit and then decided to update...
  7. qqq1

    Gaming Does Corpse Party have an English option?

    I'm guessing no since I'm not seeing anything about it. Things I saw in English must have been from other releases of the game. If there is an English option hidden somewhere please let me know. Thanks.
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