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  1. J

    Homebrew Question Xci to nsp

    i have this program and used it for a bunch of games. Newer games however mutant football and LEGO Harry Potter don’t seem to be working... am I doing something wrong or will I need to wait on a new version?
  2. J

    Homebrew Question Help XCI 2 NSP converter

    i converted all of my xci to nsp and installed all of them And all went perfect. Only two that don’t work is breath of wild and Skyrim they convert fine but install always fails. I did everything the exact same way... any suggestions?
  3. J

    Gaming DLC problems

    im an sx pro user been playing South Park for a while now decided to get on that one site and get the DLC for the game. Installed it with sx pro installer and now when game boots it says download required and it won’t connect and download .... I’m banned lol Anyways I deleted the game and the...
  4. J

    Hacking Shop01Media orders

    Anyone else order from here? I did way back when presage started. Status been ready to ship forever, and I got an email the other day saying it was being ready to ship. Nothing else... just curious if any other fellow tempers were in the same boat?
  5. J

    Gaming Shouthpark game firmware?

    Anyone get this one yet? Wondering what the cartridge would update the switch to???
  6. J

    Hacking Help with switching games on loadiine gx2 .03

    If im tired of a game and close a it, it sends me back to home screen. Then I can click on mii maker and go right back to loadiine. The trouble is that a lot of times when you start a new game it locks up the system with a stack dump of somekind??? Is this just a bug that will be fixed or am...
  7. J

    Hacking Sky3ds+ help 4.2 3dsxl

    I have a 4.2 3dsxl got a sky3ds+ coming and I need to know what to do as far as playing newer games? Firmware being so low but link between worlds is a 7 firmware I think. I had a gateway long ago but been away from the scene for a while Can u update off a .3ds game using sky? Thanks in advance!
  8. J

    Homebrew CFW install failing Need help

    Sorry to ask this I have a 3dsxl downgraded to 4.2 emunand at 9.4 trying to install CFW I have the guide off of here and im lost at the part where it says to make a blank text document with the .db extension what is that and how do I do it...
  9. J

    Hacking Link Between worlds & Gateway 2.0

    With this Rom in hand and my pre ordered game coming on Friday, I really dont know how long im going to be able to wait... This seems to be the first game asking for 6.2 firmware update... :(
  10. J

    Hacking Gateway site down?!?

    Been down for a few hours now... Are they updating site for 2.0 release finally??? I hope so :)
  11. J

    Gaming Help a guy help his kid pokemon y

    My boy got pokemon Y for his bday... I don't play pokemon and this is his first pokemon game. I've searched online and came up no luck. He has caught lots of pokemon and he has lots in the pokedex, but how do you switch out his party. He has like 6 pokemon that I can rearrange the order of...
  12. J

    Gaming A link to the past

    You guys think that with the sequel coming out the original snes version would come out on eshop? I'm guessing no, but one can always hope right?
  13. J

    Hacking Gateway3ds 2.0 seems to be taking a while

    I know they are working on a lot of features for their card, but man this seems to be taking a while. Any one heard any news? Anything at all?
  14. J

    Hacking Gateway Mario and Luigi Dream team issue

    Got a gateway today and all game rips ive tried play perfectly. Mario and Luigi dream team doesnt its a EU rip and I have a US 3ds but I thought with 1.1 gateway it would load. Did I miss something?
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