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    ROM Hack Switch BackUp Manager - Source Columne

    Hi, i've just checked all my files with the Switch Backup Manager and i noticed that some games have "XCI" in the Source Columne although there is no Cartridge of the Game available, ie. Sega Ages Virtua Racing. How can that be or happen and is there a way to change it? Or is there a better way...
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    Hacking Question Undo trimming = untrimmed?

    Hi, i wonder if a trimmed xci which i "untrimm" with ie. Xcutter - is absolutly the same as a untrimmed xci. I hope you guys know what i mean. Is trimming fully reversible? Because if i use xcutter on a trimmed XCI to "fill it up" - it is then labeled as "untrimmed" in the switch backup...
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