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    Hacking Question What are loader.kip, sm.kip, pm.kip and fs_mitm.kip?

    These are all in the modules folder from but not in the standard atmosphere I got from github. Also, do I need the exosphere.bin from I just want to launch atmosphere directly without hekate. I've got the sigpatches already (the exefs patches and kip patches in the...
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    Homebrew Question Can I compile a homebrew NRO with GameMakerStudio?

    I've seen the the stuff with Undertale but replacing the makes save files not work with the new NSP. Is there another way to get my games onto the switch? NRO or NSP?
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    Hacking Question How do I get an 'extracted NSP' from an NSP for Tinfoil?

    Can I install extracted updates and DLC NSPs also with Tinfoil or can it only install non-extracted updates and DLCs?
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    Hacking Question What are the confirmed disadvantages of hekate's autoRCM?

    I've read about battery drain issues but AFAICT it's only when leaving the switch in autoRCM mode. Does the battery drain during normal use as well? I've also read that it can't be charged in RCM mode but can't you just turn it off completely by holding the power button long enough and then...
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    Hacking Question Is pin 1 important?

    I've been using a paperclip jig for a while and I checked out my pins today and pin 1 looks "pressed in" compared to the rest. The joycon and everything still works fine but I'm worried how bad it would be if the pin stopped working and if I should get another console before the new hardware fix...
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    Hacking Problem with Poke Platinum and SS/HG

    I have a DS lite with a R4 card from with Animex's unofficial firmware thing. I can play pokemon white with no problems, but when I play platinum or soulsilver, then my save files get corrupted and the game says it will delete them. Any suggestions?
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