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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    I've just updated my SX OS Emunand to 9.0.1 and installed the latest version of RA. I can get the joycons to work in some games (I've mostly tried Cave shoot-em-ups like Armed Police Batrider and Donpachi in Final Burn Neo) but nothing works if I try to put my Switch into the Flip Grip. Is there...
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    Homebrew RELEASE reNXpack - Repack Nintendo Switch nsps to work on lower firmwares

    I'm trying to repack Cuphead, I'm on 7.0.1 emunand on SX OS, will I need keys from 8.0 to successfully repack Cuphead to a lower firmware version? When I run RenXPack GUI on Cuphead the error it displays is Loading 'A:\Nintendo Switch\keys.dat' keyset file Saving...
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