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  1. Supersonicmonk

    Android Recommend me a tablet for 200€ - 250€

    I'd really go for the 16GB model if you have the money though, I'm kind of regretting getting an 8GB one.
  2. Supersonicmonk

    Android Recommend me a tablet for 200€ - 250€

    I'd say it's a hell of a lot better than the Galaxy Tab range, there are a few discrepancies like no rear camera or expandable storage but you should have enough for the 16GB version. You'll get updates as soon as they're released which is the major benefit over non-nexus devices and there's a...
  3. Supersonicmonk

    Android Galaxy Nexus; worth getting still?

    It really is an awesome phone especially with Jelly Bean which I've had the pleasure of using on my Nexus 7. The rumours are that five new nexus devices will be unveiled soon so I'm waiting for them to be announced before I think of buying a new phone (using a G1 I bought for the novelty at the...
  4. Supersonicmonk

    Gaming Blue Screen/Black and White Stripes

    I can't be sure it's the card since it could be a driver problem or something else entirely but if it is then it won't be in the long run. If it's the hard drive then worse comes to the worse you can buy another and clone the old one, I'd make sure you've backed up everything in case it dies...
  5. Supersonicmonk

    Gaming Blue Screen/Black and White Stripes

    If the integrated GPU is failing then you can't really replace it and you'd have to try and heat gun it, my advice is to get it replaced under the warranty if it's under a year old.
  6. Supersonicmonk

    Gaming Blue Screen/Black and White Stripes

    I'm guessing your laptop has dedicated graphics, weird lines on your screen and overheating are pretty classic signs. If you're comfortable to do it yourself then you can follow a dissasembly guide and replace the thermal paste between the card and the heat sink or find out if it's blown or not.
  7. Supersonicmonk

    How many of you still have Java installed?

    I use OpenJDK 1.7 on Fedora, does this suffer from the same security problems? That'd explain why it isn't installed by default.
  8. Supersonicmonk

    Red vs Blue

    Damn, thought it was a Pokemon thread.
  9. Supersonicmonk

    Nintendo patents 'Ornamental Design' for 3DS Circle Pad

    So they're making the 3DS feel more like a gamecube controller, does anyone else think it might be a gesture towards smash bros players?
  10. Supersonicmonk

    Dug up an E-merger 64 GBC flash card/flasher ... anyone can help?

    That back-light mod looks really good, beats having to pay £100+ on a Gameboy Light.
  11. Supersonicmonk

    Gaming Ports/remakes you'd like

    Pretty sure I said this on a similar thread but...THE MOTHER TRILOGY.
  12. Supersonicmonk

    Gaming 1st Person to Reply gets a Nintendo 3DS club code

    Yey I'm important :), yeah if I already have it then I guess McHaggis gets it. I already have Mario kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, LoZ Ocarina of Time 3D and Star Fox 3D.
  13. Supersonicmonk

    Gaming 1st Person to Reply gets a Nintendo 3DS club code

    Ok, which game is it for?
  14. Supersonicmonk

    do u think piracy for next gen consoles is going to end?

    Honestly I'm more interested in the next generation of piracy, stealing software is cool but copying hardware with a 3D printer is the dream.
  15. Supersonicmonk

    Homebrew SSH Client?

    Yeah replying to a post over a year old that ended with "Anyway, everything's great now." isn't particularly helpful.
  16. Supersonicmonk

    Minecraft 1.1 is out

    For a while after animals became persistent and before sheep regrowth that was the only way to get wool, I'm both a RL and in game vegetarian and when I started a private server I went weeks without using a bed because my idiot friend killed the only three sheep we could find and died in lava...
  17. Supersonicmonk

    Minecraft 1.1 is out

    Yeah but it required 8 gold blocks/72 gold ingots making it ridiculously expensive, the update tweaked it to only one ingot (in pip form). Jeb described it as a tweak on twitter and not a new feature so maybe this is just a typo.
  18. Supersonicmonk

    Now tablets have handheld console like controls with 3D!

    I'm hoping that Google introduces native controller support to android and api's so that developers don't have to cater for each individual solution. In terms of physical hardware I dislike the idea of holding anything over 5 inches (I'm going to regret phrasing it like that) so I'd only use an...
  19. Supersonicmonk

    Android Best Android Tablet?

    I'd go for the original Transformer (TF100), it excels at note taking because of the keyboard and laptop like profile and the tegra 2 while obviously beaten by the tegra 3 is still powerful and should be able to run n64oid smoothly. The battery life is also better than the average tablet due to...
  20. Supersonicmonk

    Gaming GB/GBC Game Help

    I think there were a few flash cards around during the GB/C days, the Doctor Gameboy/Gameboy Doctor sounds familiar but they had very small internal memory, very high price tags and were no where near as user friendly as the GBA/DS equivilants. I do remember seeing someone mod a gameboy so it...
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