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    Planning on selling Modded consoles.

    Tell me what you guy’s think of my creation please. [Youtube]
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    Hacking Question Switch board repair

    Hello, I bought a Broken Nintendo Switch which wouldn't output video when docked. Replacing the most common culprit components but no go. I went over to replacing the USB-C port (which is a pain in the ass replacement) but still no go. Unfortunately now the Switch won’t power-on anymore unless...
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    Hacking PSP Demo to Vita with PS3

    So I need a PS3 to transfer a demo for the PSP to my PSVITA which in not activated (Stupid me!) I've been using the guide in this Link to try a different method but they both are confusing to be honest. How do I transfer a demo using the PS3 on the Latest OFW to a PSVITA on 3.60 on a recently...
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    Hacking eCFW on PSVita 3.60

    I've read some guides that show how you can still install Adrenaline on a PSVita that doesn't have PSP game installed. Does that trick still work because I can't seem to figure it out?! I can't find the .RIF file and such... If anybody can clarify please. thanks
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    Homebrew A9LH N3DS XL question

    Hello, Don't know if it's been asked before, couldn't find anything via search. I have A9LH installed and have the latest LUMA Nightly installed. My current FW is 11.0.0-33E Before it said SYS but now it says VER. Is this normal? My backup/CIA games still work and the same goes for FBI, HB...
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