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    Lakka and Atmosphere on same

    Sorry guys I know it’s been done before but the latest tutorial I saw was like 2019 so I thought maybe there’s an updated tutorial. Going to start fresh with 512gb microsd soon. Can I have Lakka and Atmosphere running off same SD card? If so can someone point to the most recent tutorial please ?
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    How to go legit, never installed emunand.

    is it too late for me? i hacked my sysnand due to thinking i would never want to go legit but now im starting to feel bad. can i just reformat my switch to factory settings and remove all hacks from my SD card or am i still running a risk? sorry if it has (and im sure it has0 been asked a...
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    Hacking What am I doing wrong ?

    I’m on firmware 10.2 with SXOS 3.1 and I’ve installed YS IX and Mario Golf with Goldleaf 0.9. I thought installing with gold leaf removes the need to be on required firmware. It still asks me to update to latest firmware. I’ve never ran into this problem before.
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    Hacking My SD Card corrupted please help

    so i have SXOS installed, i just find it easier i know atmosphere is recommended. anyways this happened about a month ago but i was able to brute force back into it usin TegraRCM and everything seemed to work fine but it didnt work this time. took my SD out and lo and behold PC wont recognise...
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    Hardware Got a new SD card, dumb question

    So i currently have a 128 GB sd card, bought a new 256 card online that just arrived today. would a copy and paste job be good enough to transfer everything or do i need to do anything special to the card first? like put it in my switch while its empty and then copy everything? i should add i...
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    Hacking Please help me may have bricked switch

    I posted this in the backups and loaders section but I think it’s the wrong place for this question (not sure how to delete it). I’ll reword everything anyways as I think I was a bit too heated with the other thread and didn’t explain properly. I attempted to update to 6.2 firmware from 6.0...
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    Hacking I need help please stuffed up update

    I know this has been asked and it can get annoying but please i need help. i updated to the latest 6.2 using chouNX. never used it before, watched a couple of tutorials it seemed pretty straight forward so i done the update which was successful except now not only is my SXOS not working (it...
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    Hacking NAND backup question (already used hekate to do so)

    Just have a quick question about the Nand backup i done when i first hacked my switch, ive searched all over the internet and watched youtube videos and im not sure what ive done wrong but i feel there is something wrong. all i got on my sd card was the BOOT0/1 files and a rawnand.bin (30 gb in...
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    Hacking SX Pro RCM jig not working

    i finally got a chance to try my SX Pro is there a chacne its faulty? the jig doesnt fit in flush it keeps falling out. ive tried holding it in while i hold volume up and turn the console on but it boots straight into the normal menu as if the jig isnt in. is there something im maybe doing wrong?
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    Hacking A few questions before I purchase a SX OS

    So I think I just want to buy the OS, the dongle doesn’t seem needed but I just have a couple of questions. 1. This being the most important, should I do anything to my switch (currently not modded at all) before installing SX OS or are all other hacks out now atm meaningless to use with it...
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    Homebrew Anyone using Mayflash Dolphin Sensor Bar on their PC?

    Not sure this belongs here, i did a quick search and couldnt find anything. basically i bought this the other day its a wii sensor bar with built in bluetooth made specifically for the dolphin emulator. ive managed to connect my wii mote...
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    Hacking Nintendont Trouble vWii

    I finally got everything working the way i want it on vWii (was giving me trouble installing d2x a while back). In anycase all im trying to do now is install Nintendont but it keeps hanging and saying something like "(ISI error occured)" and then a whole bunch of code or whatever on a black...
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    Hacking Stuck installing d2x cios on vWii

    Hi guys, sorry if this has been asked alot, i assure ive searched everywhere online and havent found anything that helped me yet. im trying to hack my vWii (using this guide and ive got HBC on (using smash stack). backed up my keys and ios...
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    About to buy Raspberry Pi 3 for emulation, quick question

    So im thinking of getting an RPi 3 for retropie, been reading up on installation seems easy enough, but i was wandering if there are slightly more expensive alternatives that will give me better compatibility? Something like this for example (though i cant find anything on it online that has...
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    Hacking Tales of Symphonia (GC) of USBLoader GX

    Hi, ive only recently gotten back to playing my Wii after packing it away for a few years so "forgotten" some rules when playing back ups. I want to play ToS on USBLoader GX (was waiting for steam release but since its apparantly dissapointing i said screw it ill just play my backup on the Wii)...
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    Hacking Skyward Sword USBLoader GX

    Okay before i ask my question i am aware how people treat newbies here, believe me im not, i had an account for a long time but havent logged in for a while and seems it was deleted. in anycase, i recently reconnected my Wii consoles after having packed it for almost two years, and im trying to...
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