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  1. NecroNexus

    Issues with Mega Man 9 & 10 DLC (Using vWii)

    So recently ive been checking out my vWii stuff and decided to try out Mega Man 9 & 10, i wanted to get the DLC as well for a complete experience, only to find out that it doesn't work. I tried researching this issue, but none of the "solutions" worked for me. I have both wads as the same...
  2. NecroNexus

    Wii U NDS VC Custom Boarders

    So i was messing around with the files for the NDS Virtual Console games and i thought that maybe there could be a way to get Custom Boarders working on there. Well i tested it and it seems it is very much possible, only problem ive had is getting the screens in proper position. This could be...
  3. NecroNexus

    [NEW] Wii U NDS Injection Compatibility List

    Im currently working on a new NDS Injection Compatibility List since the one on GBATempWiki is very outdated (Not showing some games, their problems, or even flat out false information on some games) All Games will be tested using New Super Mario Bros as the base for most of these injections...
  4. NecroNexus

    Homebrew In need of help with BlueMSX (adding games)

    I need help with BlueMSX on the Wii, issue is trying to add games. Ive heard that you had to edit .xml files for roms for BlueMSX but ive been confused on how to do so. Like do i keep the (Game rom) files in the SD Card for it to work? What .xml files do i need to edit, or do i need to create...
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