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  1. Zohard

    Gaming Heroes of Ruin Demo Available This Week

    The more I see about this game, the more I hesitate to take it... I don't have the demo so I have to wait until the demo dares to come on the US eshop :lol:, I already regret my american 3DS or not (Unchained Blades :) )
  2. Zohard

    Gaming How Many Hours Have You Clocked On Your 3DS To Date??

    I've got my 3DS on Abril 2011 2011 401 991 steps 57 Titles/340 Play hours 2012 97 058 steps 49 Titles/295 Play hours 1- Tales of the Abyss 159:33 2-SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked 142:35 3-Kid Icarus: Uprising 57:44 4-SW: Chronicles 57:20 5-3DS sounds 55:45 6-Ocarina of Time 39:44
  3. Zohard

    Rayman Origins 3DS delayed... again

    No, Just saw the game in the store :D .
  4. Zohard

    Rayman Origins 3DS delayed... again

    The game is available today in Europe only.
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