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  1. MrFurretGO

    The Scratch 3.0 Show on Wii! (Custom Channels)

    Hello! Today I made five custom channels for the Nintendo Wii. They all play episodes from a discontinued Scratch animation series called "The Scratch 3.0 Show". Using mrt84's YouTube Wad Injector (along with the instructions), Photopea and CustomizeMii, I made these channels in a few hours. It...
  2. MrFurretGO

    Downloading Official Themes won’t work, gives me error 009-2920

    Today I tried to install one of the official themes from the theme shop, but the error that I mentioned in the title comes up. I deleted all the fake tickets and went back to download it again, and it still gave me the error. An observation I did for this issue was deleting the tickets, then...
  3. MrFurretGO

    Camera Application Loading Forever

    Every time I try to boot up the Nintendo 3DS Camera application, it just sits on the "Preparing..." pop up for a very long time. Even if I try to use the camera on the menu, it freezes on the Activating Camera pop up. When I refresh it with the Luma3DS menu, it also has a "Preparing..." pop up...
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