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    Verizon Newsgroups

    Recently I have been unable to connect to newsgroups and iv been using them for years, does this mean they cut me off. I used the online tech support, they couldn't help me out they gave me a number to call for additional help...but has anyone else had this problem? Thanks Rick
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    Hardware Wii return

    I had some graphic glitches on my USA with Wiikey so I called nintendo and they are sending out another wii. My question is can I just swap out the drive and send them back my wii with the graphic problem with the new drive that comes from nintendo? Thanks Rick
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    Hardware WII Remote

    Just wonder if other people having problems with the remotes not working properly sometimes, even when I go to set the senceativity, there are alot more than 2 circles in each of the 5 spots and remote still won't work right. Thanks Rick
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    Hacking NDS Touch screen is off

    I have a NDS Phat NDS, but the touch screen is off by 1/2 inch or so, even when I try to calibate, I just keep hitting the cross and its never ending? Do you think if I buy a new touch screen will it fix it or is it in the board? Thanks Rick
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    Hacking NDSL broken

    I bought my son a Japan ndsl many months ago, he open it up last week and accidently broke the power switch, it is flashed. I called Nintendo and they picked it up today. The problem I am worried about is that it is still flashed because there was no way of taking the flashme off or switching...
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    Hacking SC mini SD sping loaded?

    I just receieved my mini SD SC is there suppose to be a spring when you put your mini sd in and out, like the SD sc, this one is sure pain to get the mini sd out???
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