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  1. Ferris1000

    Hacking Question Is a System Update from a .XCI file under SX OS possible ?

    I own a Switch and i just installed the 2.0.0 update at the Relese because of the exFAT support. now i want to play newer Games but i don't want unbox my Switch Games (because i'm a Games Collector). I'm not planing to sell my Games but i also don't want to unbox my Games just for an Update and...
  2. Ferris1000

    Hacking Need Help, Restore installed PS4 Theme using ftp (FW 4.05)

    I need some help with restoring my old theme on my PS4 Pro wth Firmware 4.05. I had an "Until Dawn Theme" activated till yesterday, after i tested a few PS4Hen themes i can't reactivate my "Until Dawn Theme" i backuped the whole "User" Folder of my PS4 a few days ago and created a PS4 Backup...
  3. Ferris1000

    GCN Is it Posible to Install WiiKey and WiiKey 2 into a Gamecube?

    Hey everybody, I have a lot of WiiKey and WiiKey v2 Chips but i don't need them for my Wii Consoles so i'm plaing to install them into my 2 Gamecubes i have. Google doesn't gave me an answer, and i dont want to buy a WiiKey Fusion. If it's possible to install a WiiKey directly into my Gamcecube...
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