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  1. ZipMartin

    Hot takes on well-liked games

    Each and every main Pokémon game. Sometimes I give one a chance, but I always regret it.
  2. ZipMartin

    Games you gave up on

    I've been tinkering with my new Mister for 2 weeks and left The Rise of the Tomb Raider getting some dust. I think if I don't get back to her soon I'll end leaving for good
  3. ZipMartin

    Playstation 2 with matrix infinity chip doesn't play Final Fantasy VII international

    I have a crappy fake matrix infinity chip installed on my PS2 Slim 90xxx. No PSX games ever worked and many PS2 discs didnt, although legit PS2 discs worked fine. OPL over the network solved my problem with PS2 games and Mechapwn dit it for the PSX ones. I burn PSX games using Verbatim discs and...
  4. ZipMartin

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge announcement & gameplay trailer

    Beautiful animation and I even got goosebumps when I saw gameplay. This ought to be going the right way
  5. ZipMartin

    When publishers Westernized Japanese Games

    I'm surprised about Pandemonium, I didn't know about that Magical Hoppers game! But which is really the altered version? Pandemonium was developed by Toys for Bob under Crystal Dynamics, both US companies. It was released in 1996 in the US and '97 in Japan, so it seems that it was Bandai who...
  6. ZipMartin

    The U.S. government is seeking a five-year sentence for Team Xecuter's Gary Bowser

    Aren't type and minimum/maximum time of penalty provided and limited by law in the US? After reading this thread it seems like the prosecutors and judges have the power to get creative and free-style on that matter.
  7. ZipMartin

    PS2 Modchip Dilemma

    I have a PS2 Slim 9xxxx that also came with a shitty Matrix clone that wouldn't save settings. I used Mechapwn, I took the care of disabling the modchip by holding start when turning the PS2 on. It will boot with the matrix logo and the word "disabled". Then I installed Mechapwn remembering to...
  8. ZipMartin

    Gaming Hardware Optical dive emulation for the PlayStation 2 on the way?

    Bob from RetroRGB has been teasing something for the PS2 to be announced "in a week or so", which could be any time now, apparently a new way to load disk images. I'm really hoping that somebody's finally decided to make an ODE for the PS2, so it will be possible to load PS1 images without...
  9. ZipMartin

    Hacking How do I use System Config Tool to delete old accounts without their NNID's passwords?

    Thank you for your answer. I tried to install actmgr through the SCT's title manager, but couldn't do it, it aborted the installation. Although this seems like a workaround, it worked for me, thank you. I'll keep those folders backed up in case something stops working as it should.
  10. ZipMartin

    Homebrew [RELEASE] Tiramisu Environment | Free CBHC

    I don't know if there's anything that will allow you to pair a Bluetooth controller, but you can use a wired PS3 or PS4 controller for that using Fakemote:
  11. ZipMartin

    Hacking How do I use System Config Tool to delete old accounts without their NNID's passwords?

    I am trying to remove two accounts from my Wii U's previous owner but I don't have their NNID passwords nor want to format the system. I have found an installable System Config Tool, but the Account Manager option on its menu won't work without the installation of an extra tool, referred as...
  12. ZipMartin

    Homebrew [RELEASE] Tiramisu Environment | Free CBHC

    I was able to find this System Config Tool and installed it on NAND, but apparently it lacks an Account Manager tool which also must be installed. You're saying that there's an option in there to check the NNID password, that's great, but I'm stuck without this tool and it seems that it is...
  13. ZipMartin

    Homebrew [RELEASE] Tiramisu Environment | Free CBHC

    I was on regular Haxchi. I have uninstalled it and I'm already using Tiramisu. I just want to get rid of those old users without the need a system format, if it's possible, or know what I might lose by formatting.
  14. ZipMartin

    Homebrew [RELEASE] Tiramisu Environment | Free CBHC

    Thank you so much for this. I had bought this used Wii U with haxchi installed and now I can finally delete the old users who came along. The problem is I need both their Nintendo Network ID passwords in order to to that. Is there another way of kicking them out without using their passwords or...
  15. ZipMartin

    Games you gave up on

    Majora's Mask is a strange one indeed. I can totally understand why people hate that game. The first time I tried it I was so lost in its clockwork design I gave up really fast. Years later I tried it again, better prepared and knowing what to expect, and I ended up loving it after understanding...
  16. ZipMartin

    Games that exhaust you mentally

    I felt like that yesterday while playing video poker on Persona for the PSP. It happens usually with puzzle/matching games like Tetris, but sometimes it also does with Ultra Street Fighter IV, when I get out of sync and start to drop every combo and even try to make a particular special move...
  17. ZipMartin

    Games you gave up on

    I found Final Fantasy X so boring and for some reason I got really far, just one dungeon to finish the game. Maybe I felt like I had to play it, it being considered one of the best for so many... Magna Carta had a very interesting battle system but the game's length is artificially extended...
  18. ZipMartin

    Will the metaverse replace the need for physical travel?

    People are really buying that bullshit?
  19. ZipMartin

    Gaming Free Games thread

    Loop Hero on Epic for one day
  20. ZipMartin

    Hardware What do I need to display a webcam on Retroarch?

    Though my PC detects a webcam, what I'm actually trying to do is to display my PS Vita (the "webcam") on my PC monitor through USB using Retroarch. I can easily do that with a video player, but I wanted to use Retroarch in order to apply some nice shaders. I know Retroarch has a built in video...
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