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  1. Julizi

    Hardware How does a Wii U FS formatted partition appear in windows?

    Hey guys, right before the release of the switch I decided to copy all of the content of my Wii U's hard disk to a smaller one to use the other one for other things. Unfortunatley, I forgot to which HDD I copied the files and now got two HDDs here but I don't know which one holds the old Wii U...
  2. Julizi

    Hardware Rescuing WFS drive

    Hey there, at the end of the Wii U's lifecycle I copied all of my files (on the Wii U) from a far too big hard drive to an 160GB hard drive and just left it there. Last week I tried to use it again but the Wii U says that the hard drive has to be formatted and can't be used by the Wii U, so...
  3. Julizi

    Hacking What about BD-R?

    Hey guys, even though this would be totally unnecessary because everyone is using an external hard drive, I'm interessed if there was some progress made concering the Wii Us optical drive and its possibilities to use BD-Rs or the other way round the possibility of BD optical drives to read Wii U...
  4. Julizi

    Gaming Animal Crossing New Leaf (SD): Outdated savedata

    Hello, as I started ACNL from my SD after a long time (serveral months), it told that the savedata could not be used because they're outdated. The savefiles look normal in SaveDataFiler. And I have older backups of the savefiles :) Is there any way to fix it?
  5. Julizi

    Hardware Wii U died. Ribbon cable broken.

    Hello Guys, my Wii U broke last week and its doing nothing except for having nice red light on the Power LED. If you want to power on the red light will disappear for less than a sceond. Because warranty voided a long time ago i disassembled my Wii U and found out that the ribbon cable which...
  6. Julizi

    Homebrew Progress on 3DS' saves and cheats

    Hello Guys, after I realised that Kingdom Hearts: 3D is a quite hard game I thought that it might don't be a idea when I cheat some exps. I found no real possibility to do that except for Datels PowerSaves but in the view of the fact that I will never need this thing again 20€ are pretty much...
  7. Julizi

    Hacking Can't use retail saves on Gateway

    Hey guys, I dumped all my retail saves in gateway menu, renamed them to tile id (e.g. ABEP.sav to 000400000007AF00.sav) and copied them to my SD Card (in the 3DS' Card, not the gateway ones) but every game tells that the savegame is corrupted. I think it's quite useful to know that the gateway...
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