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  1. saito1234

    vWii USB?

    Hello, I have read several forum posts that vWii is killing drives on USB, is that true? I have used my Pendrive(s) for years with PS3 and X360, so they definitely shouldn't die that easily. Does vWii read/write on the Pendrive? Or what happens exactly? How can it kill it? I also read that the...
  2. saito1234

    Hacking Blue Gateway card and White screen

    Hello guys, I got a white screen when loading some games with the Blue Gateway card, like Luminous Arc. Most games work, I don't have any idea, if it is possible to fix this? Blue Gateway is similiar to R4 afaik, if this helps.
  3. saito1234

    Hacking Question Getting saved games from Switch with OFW?

    I'd like to copy my saved games from a Switch with OFW to another Switch, was has CFW. What is the best method? For example if I make a NAND backup from the Switch with OFW can I get the save games? I don't want to risk a ban.
  4. saito1234

    Homebrew Question PSP / PSX emulation any soon?

    Based on the current state of homebrew development do you guys think there will be a PSP / PSX emulator any soon?
  5. saito1234

    Hacking Question Is it possible to backup my saved games safely?

    I'd like to back up my saved games from my Switch. Is this possible some way so that there will be not a risk of ban? I don't want to do anything else - just backing up my saves.
  6. saito1234

    Homebrew Question Would it be possible to port VITA2PC to Switch? It would be awesome if someone could port this to the Switch in the future, since both of them are portable consoles we could basically play VITA games anytime, anywhere on our Switch - with a bigger screen, better controls, and everything.
  7. saito1234

    Hacking Question Saved games

    Is it possible at this point to transfer my saved games from one Switch to another with a Homebrew app, or something?
  8. saito1234

    Hacking CFW version?

    I have bought an used New 3DS XL with 11.4 cfw, however I don't have any idea what cfw it runs, and also what is installed, what is not... What should I check? Is it possible to check somewhere what cfw is installed exactly?
  9. saito1234

    Hacking freeshop games

    If I have two 3DS and I have downloaded some games with freeshop can I just play these games from the another 3DS too? Or do I have to redownload/reinstall games? Also, what about save games? Is it possible to transfer them easily from one 3DS to another?
  10. saito1234

    Hacking Replace SD card in N3DSXL with CFW

    I have bought an N3DS XL which already has CFW installed, I don't have any idea what kind of CW has been installed however it is on 11.4 My problem is that it only has a 4 GB SD card, which I'd like to replace to 32 GB. If I remove the 4 GB SD card, copy paste all the files into the 32 GB one...
  11. saito1234

    Hardware 3DS XL vs N3DS XL screen

    Is there a big difference between the quality of the screen and the colors? I read that there is a 50-50 chance that you get a TN or IPS with N3DS XL If you get a TN is that still better than the old screen of the old 3DS XL? Or unless you get lucky with an IPS N3DS XL the quality of the...
  12. saito1234

    Hacking Play cia games with Gateway?

    So far I only played 3ds games from the Red card, but I would like to play cia games now. Could someone help me out? I am a little confused, how can I do this with Gateway? What is the best method? I read FBI is a good tool for CIA, can I use that with Gateway? Also, do I need it? Or is that...
  13. saito1234

    Hacking Gateway questions

    I have Gateway + emunand. I have a very annoying problem while playing on 3DS XL, lots of times it happens that I play with some game, close the lid of the 3DS, and after that when I open it again the 3ds says "no game card detected", etc... I noticed that I have to be cautious so I don't touch...
  14. saito1234

    Hacking DS games on 5.3.2

    Is it already possible to play them? Or not yet? Like this: Also if it is not possible yet, is there any chance in the (near) future?
  15. saito1234

    Hacking Is it already possible to play Wii games from the eShop on WiiU 5.3.2?

    I mean it like this: It'd have a lot of advantages, because you don't need WiiMote this way...
  16. saito1234

    Hacking DLC and Digital games with Gateway?

    Is there any way Gateway can run DLC for games in the future? For example there's a lots of DLC for Fire Emblem... Also, there are a lots of digital games too, which would be nice to play. Senran Kagura Burst - US version will be digital-only for example.
  17. saito1234

    Hacking R4i 3DS WiFi

    Hello, I have an R4i 3DS WiFi, it looks exactly like this! On what firmware this works by default? I have 4.2 but it doesn't seems to work on it, I only get an Error. Also is this card updateable?
  18. saito1234

    Homebrew Streaming games from Wii to PC?

    Is there any homebrew applications which makes this possible? I think it could have better quality than the analog video signals that the Wii can output, I'm usually playing my PSP with RemoteJoy on PC, and the quality is very good. In my opinion it looks much better then the Wii with component...
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