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  1. Mettaur3SP

    Hacking Way to backup amiibo via PC?

    Ive been wanting to backup some amiibos i have lying around via those nfc215 cards or whatever they are called, but i dont have a phone with NFC. Are there any ways i can do this via pc? i dont want those amiibo powersaves or N2 elite because they are FAR too expensive, and i hear the amiibo...
  2. Mettaur3SP

    Homebrew Creating 3ds apps in visual studio

    Ive heard 3ds homebrew can be made in C++, if that is the case, can i use visual studio? or will i have to use notepad? If I can use visual studio, is there a guide i can follow to ensure my code will work on the 3ds
  3. Mettaur3SP

    Homebrew NTR viewer and questions about it

    Just some quick questions about NTR viewer 1. Why do certain games not work with it? 2. Is there a way to improve FPS without a wired connection? 3. Sun/Moon playable on NTR viewer when (jk)
  4. Mettaur3SP

    Homebrew CIAngel: Failed to download wings.json?

    CIAngel, after working fine since i downloaded it, has recently stopped being able to download the latest wings.json. What is wings.json, and how could it be failing?
  5. Mettaur3SP

    Hacking Replacing the battery?

    I'm considering getting an EZ flash IV, and I've heard the battery runs out eventually. So, two questions: A. Would it become rechargeable if I replaced the cr2020 with a vl2020 or whatever they used when It was rechargeable? B. Can someone make a video on how to do such a thing? thanks!
  6. Mettaur3SP

    Hacking I need help with gbaemu4ds!

    I got everything to work. ran the patch as a patch loaded the game as a gba rom, (I converted it to bin before I put it in by the way.) and did all that stuff. but when the game loads, the sound is a bunch of beeping and screechy sounds. Any way to fix this?
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