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  1. DN3RX

    Xbox 360 Elite RGH Black Screen HDMI

    They were fully functional on the FHD TV, I just put it on the CRT TV and it worked great, I just wanted to see the image quality, so I decided to go back to the FHD TV and there was no more image. I've already changed the HDMI cables and tested on other LCD TVs and nothing. If the problem was...
  2. DN3RX

    Xbox 360 Elite RGH Black Screen HDMI

    I've always played it on an old same fullhd TV, I tested it on another TV and it wasn't either, I don't believe it's that. But what's strange is, I just switched to the component cable and it was a quick test, no more.
  3. DN3RX

    Xbox 360 Elite RGH Black Screen HDMI

    Hey guys, here's the thing... I have an Xbox Elite Jasper (first black model) and I've always used it on the HDMI, then recently I got a old tube TV and put it on just to see how the image looked, works greats. But I went to return it to the TV with HDMI and it's not giving an image anymore...
  4. DN3RX

    Firmware [UPDATE] Nintendo Switch firmware update version 12.0.3 available, only to be pulled after issues

    I put my switch to update at this moment and didn't find this new update, it says it's already update and still marks 12.0.2, I'm playing and going online perfectly, it's an error on my console or nintendo canceled this new update ?
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