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  1. ggravier

    Homebrew ScummVM Not Working (3DS, Acekard 2i)

    Same problem on a SuperCard DSTWO. I think it's not a flashcard problem, but a ScummVM problem which means we have to wait for some future build. Sticking my DSTWO in a DSI/XL and it works fine. Stick it back in my 3DS and mouse control doesn't work...
  2. ggravier

    Gaming DS Lite shuts off DSi / DSi XL?

    Stupid me for not realizing that earlier. And I thought it was some kind of interference. So don't store the DS near the compass in your backpack when travelling! Thanks for the reality jerk!
  3. ggravier

    Gaming DS Lite shuts off DSi / DSi XL?

    Hi, Gang! Strange behavior here. Take a DS Lite. Can be turned off or on. Close the lid and put it on a table. All is fine. Now take a DSi or DSi XL and open it and turn it on. Screen is lit up and everything nice. Now put the DSi / DSi XL on top (touching it) of the DS Lite... And move it...
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