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    Gaming Super Smash. Bros Brawl .sav?

    Hi every, i have Super Smash. BB but i don't play often, the game is very interesting, but lags, error message, or story mode who can't be playable, it's to boring. So i search a sav, for unlockable characters, in order to play in verus mode with friends (who want to see and play with sonic or...
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    Hacking [french] WIINJA DELUXE & WII

    FIRSTLLY IM VERY SORRY BUT I CAN T EXPLAIN IN ENGLISH....too bad....:/ ________________________________________________ bonjour a tous jai un probleme: jai recu ma wii pucé par les soins de foxship hier, je tente d'inserer un back up: rien le disque n'est pas reconnu un ami me conseille de...
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