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    Homebrew safehax problem

    I was installing boot9strap onto my old 3ds and it was supposed to boot into safeb9installer but now my 3ds wont on. When I press the power button the blue light come on then turns off. Is there a way for e to fix this?
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    Hacking Just updated through Reinand and emunand wont boot

    I can get into ctr manager and homrew but when I try to load reinand or Luma3ds it just black screens.
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    ROM Hack Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimae Mssion X NTR plugin?

    could definitely use one with infinite use of Dragon Balls
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    ROM Hack Monster Hunter Cross Stuck on Loading screen when booting NTR

    My problem is the title. I have the NTR3.4 preview. All my other games work fine except for this one. Anybody have any solutions?
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    ROM Hack Dragonball Heroes 2 NTR Plugin

    Ever since the update to 1.16 the plugins for this game won't work. Does anyone have a link to a newer version?
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    ROM Hack Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Heroes 2 NTR Plugin

    Just got the 1.6 update and the plugin stopped working. Does anyone have a updated plg?
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    Homebrew Menuhax won't load

    Heres what happened, I tried to changed my menuhax settings to type 0 and it said error and failed. I didnt think much of it until I turned off my 3ds. I tried booting into ctrmanager but it wouldn't start up. I dont know what to do. I tried booting homebrew from web browser in sysnand but it...
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    Hacking Menuhax won't load

    I decided to set menuhax to type 00 and every time I try to boot into ctrmanager it never does. I tried booting into homebrew menu from sysnand with the internet browser but it hangs on a grey screen. can anyone help? My N3ds emunand is 10.6 and sysnand is 9.2
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    Hacking Need Help updating ReiNAND N3ds

    So I recently heard the new DLC for Smash is coming Feb.3rd. I wanted to update My emuNAND to the latest firmware 10.5. to access the Eshop so I can download the update. When I download and install the latest version of ReiNAND it boots the logo but always ends in a black screen. I figured I'd...
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    Hacking How to restore emunand backup?

    Hi there, I'm new to the 3ds homebrew scene. I followed the tutorial posted for Reinand to a key and everything was fine until I reached the point of updating my emunand to 10.3. Once I updated using sysUpdater I booted Reinand and the screen said it was preparing the home menu and glitched out...
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