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  1. rockmanmegaman

    PS1/2 PSCX2 doesn't work?

    I'm using the emulator pcsx2 0.9.6, when I click Run CD/DVD, this error message pops out "The GS plugin failed to open/initialise. Most forum says I should update my direct, but when I tried it says my directx (whihch is DirectX 9.0c) is the latest 1. (I'm using window XP). Please help me, I...
  2. rockmanmegaman

    Gaming Too many Touch Screen.

    Do anyone like playing games, where it involve the use of touch screen only and the digital buttons are really just useless. For example "Harvest Moon Island of Happiness (Everything is done by touch screen), "Zelda Phantom of Hourglass (I think everything needed touchscreen too if I remembered...
  3. rockmanmegaman

    Hello (IT's a bite late thought)

    Hello everyone, I'm not exactly new here ( since I've created this account like probably 3 years ago), but I didn't really do anything back then and so yeah. Nice to meet you all.
  4. rockmanmegaman

    Hacking I need help with downgrading my wii without Internet

    When i upgraded my wii to version 4.2J it were working great. It can play my burnt games and everything, however, after I installed Preloader things starts 2 go wrong. I find myself can't play my GC games anymore, randomly freezes in option setting, wii can't access the internet despite saying...
  5. rockmanmegaman

    Hacking Is my Wii memory corrupted?

    I never hav this problem b4, however, just yesterday, when i tried to transfer a game save fromm my SD card to my wii memory it didn't work (as in it say it has tranfered, but there's nothing), so I tried and delete some of my game save in my wii memory, however, it frozes everytime it tries to...
  6. rockmanmegaman

    Hacking I think anyregion changer stuff my wii up?

    I have a Jap Wii Ntsc-J, Firmware 3.2j (don't know if it's modded, however, i can play burnt game fine, but can't play PAL game). Anyway, I use Anyregion Changer to change wii into USA and with the firmware 3.2U, I decided to enable the wii news and weather channel and then when i try to play a...
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