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  1. Noobert

    Tutorial Internal modchip - SAMD21 (Trinket M0, Gemma M0, ItsyBitsy M0 Express) Guide, Files & Support

    All done with my Tiny Soldering™. Fantastic guide @mattytrog, Method 3 worked like a charm! :)
  2. Noobert

    What is the game you invested the most money in?

    I fell for the Fallout 4 hype :( Bought the Pip-Boy Edition, Limited Edition Art Book, Fallout Anthology, and the Fallout 4 Loot Crate. All sitting in my closet, beat Fallout 4 within 20 hours, and haven't touched the Pip-Boy since getting it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Noobert

    I'm more of a lurker on this site :P

    I'm more of a lurker on this site :P
  4. Noobert

    Hacking Team Xecuter stalling?

    What reason would they have to lie about it?
  5. Noobert

    Hacking COMPLETED Hello World - a little different one -

    So, I was able to get the Switch connected, sdbcore enabled, and the runnro command going, but I was hit with this message after executing: Error [ 408, '0x1216 (Unable to verify NRO hash or NRR signature in module RO userland)' ]
  6. Noobert

    Hacking Question Using Mario Kart local wireless play with different firmware

    Can confirm it works on different firmwares as well. A friend and I played on a plane, me being 3.0.0 and him 3.0.1.
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