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    Hacking Still possible to hack non-modded Wii 4.0J?

    I just did a conversion on Wiikeyed my Japan Wii to US 3.2U, now I have a Unmodded 4.0J Wii I would like to know: 1.Is it possible to install preloader, homebrew channel on 4.0J if I did not install anything prior? 2.Can preloader load backup games on a non-modded wii? 3.Will preloader &...
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    Homebrew Planning to convert my JP Wiikey Wii to US ver.

    I just realise we can convert our Wii to different region, but would like to have more info before i go forward with the conversion: 1.Is there any disadvantage for changing a Wiikeyed 3.2J Wii to US 3.2U/3.3U/4.0U? Does the system format the whole wii or just convert to US? 2.Will the...
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    Hacking Help Samba De Amigo (US) on Japan Wii

    Guys, I'm still on v3.2J, just like to know will the US game boot on my Japan Wii? I know on the list it says menu is in japanese and require WBB, WiiFree & GeckoOS to work. BTW I'm using Wiikey with the latest version 1.9s.
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    Questions about latest Arcade Emulation Scene

    Hi, it's been a year since I've updated my emulator for Arcade, just like to know has new systems been emulated since most of the arcade games has already moved forward to newer machines, for example the newer SNK games have moved to Taito machines.
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    Gaming SOS! NTSC-J Wii Wiikey & PAL GAMECUBE Games...

    Guys, one of my main goal to get a Wii was so i can play the Gamecube games I bought when i was in PAL Country, but it seems very difficult to get Pal games to work on NTSC-J Wii. Here's a brief detail about my Wii & TV *My wiikey is updated to 1.9b *I'm using Setup Disc 1.3 with Region...
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    Gaming Xbox 360 Mod chip switch?

    Just like to know if it's common to have a switch to switch on/off the mod chip so we don't get banned while going online?
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    Hacking Link's Crossbow Training brick?

    Just like to know more info on US Link's Crossbow Training on a Japanese Wii. I have the v3.1J but it ask me to update. I did not dare to click yes.
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    Hacking mario strikers on wii jp help

    hi' i know it's old but i just put a mario strikers into my japan wii. not sure is pal or us, but it ask me to update but i have v3.1j. need advice. thanks.
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    Hacking Manhunt 2 (U) on Wii (JP) Problem

    Hello, when I try to change the control settings by entering the control menu, the whole system hangs, I can only power off the Wii. Happens when you go into the control settings in main menu, I can still change invert on off, but entering the control hangs the system. When in the middle of a...
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