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  1. beav1s

    Hacking Wii Mod

    hey jskyboo, great app ive been having trouble getting the smb function in wad manager to work correctly. im able to login and connect to the share, but files dont show up correctly. the .wad filter settings dont make a difference. something strange is if i create empty files those will...
  2. beav1s

    Hacking DVDX maybe still in handy?

    use this version uses ios 58/AHBPROT instead of dvdx
  3. beav1s

    Hacking Metoid Other M Baby's Cry freeze LAST THREAD

    upon further inspection it appears the update partition was indeed the issue for me. when trying to start a new game it now freezes near the beginning. so with the update partition removed i made it to the ridley scene, then to get past that i had to leave the update intact. so using wii...
  4. beav1s

    Hacking Metoid Other M Baby's Cry freeze LAST THREAD

    usbloadergx r938 with ios222 rev4 on fat32hdd proper-bioshock release converted with wbfs_file v2.9, default options i.e. ">wbfs_file.exe bs-met.iso" manually moved the R3OE01.wbfs and R3OE01.wbf1 files to my /wbfs folder on hdd success
  5. beav1s

    Hacking Metoid Other M Baby's Cry freeze LAST THREAD

    for those who have the ridley scene freeze i believe the source of this problem is wii backup manager and wii game manager, more specifically the older versions of wbfs_file they appear to use. i used the wbfs_file from cfgloader page manually and i was finally able to get past the freeze...
  6. beav1s

    Homebrew SaveGame Manager GX

    no, im guessing he did this and compiled on his own that crafty fella great job on this for people getting error, make sure the extract folder path you specify already exists otherwise it will error, else create folder sd://savegames/ which is the default, if it doesnt exist already when you...
  7. beav1s

    Hacking CustomizeMii 2.3

    Leathl ftw much appreciated, love your apps
  8. beav1s

    Hacking CustomizeMii 2.0

    great job Leathl, your work is much appreciated
  9. beav1s

    Hacking CustomizeMii 1.1

  10. beav1s

    Hacking Need clarification about USB Laoder GX Auto Patching and NSMB

    neal80921 try disabling the parental control completely then updating, turning back on if you need/use if that still doesnt work, delete all config files, they will automatically be created when u run the loader again as for wireless, as long as your wii itself is already setup on network, usbgx...
  11. beav1s

    Hacking Tried everything!

    use hermes cIOS 222 v4 instead of 249 if u use usbgx r830+ it has mario fix, no disc patching or alt dol required
  12. beav1s

    Hacking WBFS Problem

    turn error 002 fix on in usbgx settings
  13. beav1s

    Hacking CustomizeMii 1.0

    great job leathl, really impressed with your work keep it up
  14. beav1s

    Hacking WiiNanD

    wow great job, looks nice can you explain the clean function? i just tried cleaning my nand.bin, shrunk it from 528mb to 512mb just testing to see what it removes etc when i tried to open the cleaned one to examine contents it gave me a 'wrong file size!' error
  15. beav1s

    Hacking 00010000-00555044 (.UPD) & 00010000-00555045 (.UPE) What are these

    why not leave things in the working state they are rather than risk a brick by deleting things you have no idea what are/do 'junk files on wii causing problems later on' ive never heard of such a thing, however ive heard many stories of bricks by people randomly deleting shit with...
  16. beav1s

    Hacking WBFS partition size and game count limit

    the limits are something that exist in the original wbfs implementation recently efforts have been made to fix this, both by the config usb loader devs and user wiimm and his wbfs tool wiimms tool here and config usb loader here in b4 MOAR THAN 500 GAMES OMGWTF PIRATE
  17. beav1s

    Hacking StartPatch v4.2U Released!

    250 is automatically installed with 249, as a sort of precautionary backup in case 249 gets overwritten or deleted it has highest version number possible so nintendo cant overwrite it with a stub ios
  18. beav1s

    Hacking wbfs 500 game limit fix?

    note to all: if you have more games than illinialex24 has deemed acceptable, you should "stop pirating you bitch". it doesnt matter, even if like the fellow whose enter key was broken you collect any and all games legitimately, you are still a filthy worthless pirate. Regardless of the fact...
  19. beav1s

    Hacking wbfs 500 game limit fix?

    thank you skizzo ive seen this wbfs 500 limit mentioned a couple times before and every time the thread devolves into people frothing about the quality of wii games, shovelware, piracy, etc etc etc theres a technical limitation in wbfs and people are trying to overcome that, yet the trolls come...
  20. beav1s

    Hacking Does a hdd behind a hub work?

    why do you have such unsubstantiated concerns? id suggest get rid of your silly preconceived notions and quit creating problems where none exist hubs dont work
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