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  1. Raziel_vip

    Hacking I cannot copy my disc to internal hdd with multiman

    When i use multi man to dump my disc to the hdd is shows me this operation not allowed any advise?
  2. Raziel_vip

    Hacking PS4 Offline Account Activator and save mounter for 7.02 ported by Joonie86
  3. Raziel_vip

    Hacking i found youtube vidoe how to fix blank trophy 7.02 via FTP

    this is the method and it worked for me on 7.02
  4. Raziel_vip

    Hacking a request from leeful

    @Leeful would you consider to fix blank trophy issue on H.E.N for 7.02
  5. Raziel_vip

    Hacking is there a way to transfer trophies via FTP

    i want to transfer trophies from ps4 slim 6.72 to ps4 pro 7.02 via FTP i backedup trophies from the old ps4 via leeful's psphive and i transferred all files via FTP everything goes ok , then when i enter the tophies list on the ps4 pro 7.02 the trophies disappear!! sorry for my bad english
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