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    Hacking Guide to R4Ultra

    Akaio for R4 Ultra, fixed for up til Taiko no Tatsujin 3 Format your card, and just dump the contents into the root of the card For your games, make sure you do not put them in the root of the card. Put them inside folders or the card will not boot
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    DS #4583: Coropata (Japan)

    at stage 25, this is a rare and awesome game
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    DS #DSi 0010: The [email protected] - Dearly Stars (Japan)

    no idea, if it saves it should save permanently, probably incompatibility?
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    DS #DSi 0010: The [email protected] - Dearly Stars (Japan)

    in story mode u save in the menu (the PDA), just tap one of the 3 slots and it saves in stage mode it will save when u choose the option
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    DS #DSi 0010: The [email protected] - Dearly Stars (Japan)

    Supercard users rejoice! They just released a temp patch: download link inside post by cftogba (one of the adminstrators, so i assume this only works for supercard?) basically the post says this is a temp fix specifically for this game to run, and...
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    Gaming Guide to Punchout for Ntsc/J consoles (finally got it working)

    oh well, guess there is no actual solution for it then thanks for taking all the trouble to try to get it to load
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    Hacking Wii Joysound Karaoke - VERY problematic game

    using modified gecko (to avoid the 002 error) to launch game, US wii so after you solved the blue screen error 02, and basically you can play the game just fine, if you are playing one of the 70 songs preincluded on the disk so i want to buy a ticket, to access the entire library, the whole...
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    whoa the program is awesome!! who compiled all those bdx files? I don't see that many on moero bandbro's server
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    DS #2506: Kirarin * Revolution: Minna de Odorou Furi Furi Debut! (Japa

    i was surprised, this game is pretty good.. if you know idolmaster, this game is pretty much a good example of how idolmaster would look like on the DS.. not shovelware quality, i'll say it's pretty good if you like the anime
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    DS #2508: Matching Maker DS (Japan)

    played it for awhile... build buildings, talk to residents for more contacts, build more buildings stage 1 not much depth.. shall see how this goes...
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    .... 545? 6 copies of games...?
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    reading the chinese bbs, supercard team is preparing an update for slot1 as well, a main update that will support daigassou
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    Gaming Anyone given Tower DS a go yet?

    ..... i'm playing it, and enjoying it and to clarify.. THIS IS NOT BY EA!!! THIS IS BY THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OF SIMTOWER. the japanese yoot tower. yes there's objectives, and you need quite a good knowledge of japanese to play it. knowing and having played simtower helps too, but there are...
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    hmm ok i need the name of the song, so i can tell you the code for the J-WID code
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    actually most of nintendo's music are on JASRAC.. that's how i found out that they don't allow their music for any use.. however, i see several earthbound songs submitted by users.. there will also be no namco music since namco specifically disallowed Download of their music (what a waste...
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    that's because you can't anyhow add songs to the database, have to determine whether the rights allows them to upload into the database... and since this is something like stealing songs, they added the 100 download limit to limit it... weirdly nintendo seems to disallow the use of their songs...
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    actually, the supercard still has problems... no way to set the supercard to read 8mb?
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    o, that explains it..
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    i created a sample song + put in some lyrics.. when saving the game crashes
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    DS #2386: The Tower DS (Japan)

    ok i've just past the 3rd stage (there are 4 stages in all, the final being the epic tower u play in simtower).. the instructions are terrible.. nowhere on the net or on the manual (available in the official site) did they say i'm supposed to tap the train station to call the train.. and not...
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