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  1. NightTimeNoctis

    ROM Hack Suggestion + Question GBA Retroarch Skeli's Complete Fire Red Upgrade?

    So first off let me start by saying i didnt know if this belong here or in homebrew sense im talking about getting rom hacks working. But yeh i haven't been able to get the Fire Red Upgraded games to work on retroarch on switch. so i had a few questions I was wondering are there any other...
  2. NightTimeNoctis

    ROM Hack RELEASE Tony Hawk 1+2 SUDO 100% Save Release

    so yeah its not 100% like i dont have all challenges complete (theres a lot done tho a lot of create a skater challenges and park boards) and jack black isnt unlocked. i have skated the secret grifiti's and not every single hidden "Classic V" (thats what i call them idk) is collected. but all...
  3. NightTimeNoctis

    ROM Hack Suggestion May i Suggest a Tony Hawk 1+2 100% save and prebuilt 60fps patch release.

    I would 100% myself and unlock the alien, but i already did that on the ps4 and pc version. and i just dont wish to do it again.
  4. NightTimeNoctis

    ROM Hack Suggestion Kingdom Of Amalur Re-Reckoning 60FPS patch request Also cheats please.

    i want to bring the idea of a 60 fps patch for this back to the forefront of peoples minds if possible could really use it as its capped at 30 Also looking for cheats if there is any. EDIT am aware of cheats on CheatSlips Im not looking for speed and invincibility cheats Im looking for EXP...
  5. NightTimeNoctis

    ROM Hack Suggestion Hypercharge Unboxed cheats or save

    Hello :) I checked the cheats thread on here and cheatslips also searched for related threads as well as checked if Eevee made any saves. Theres nothing for this game. its actually a really solid tower defence fps game set in the world of a kids room where your an action figure and your...
  6. NightTimeNoctis

    Homebrew Question Install GBA games like nsp? like you could with cia's on 3ds?

    Prob a really stupid question but is there any way to Have a GBA game startable right from the homescreen like you could with gba vitual console CIA rom hacks on the 3ds?
  7. NightTimeNoctis

    ROM Hack Question Cheats needed Mercenary Kings, Darkwood, Immortal Redneck, Void Bastards.

    Cheats needed for Mercenary Kings, Darkwood, Immortal Redneck, Void Bastards. All US region, Atmosphere newest patchs. Cant find any well... anywhere Can anyone help?
  8. NightTimeNoctis

    ROM Hack Suggestion One-Piece Pirate Warrior 4 and hopefully 3 60fps Patches

    For anyone who doesn't know these are like the hyrule warrior games or the dynasty warrior games. There's tons of enemy's on screen almost all times and there's tons of slow down and for me at atleast i was lucky if i ever hit 50 fps let alone anything that seemed like 60 Could someone please...
  9. NightTimeNoctis

    Hacking i think im on 7.50..sorry but im new to ps4 modding. is it being worked on?

    so yeh title says most of it. is a exploit being worked on, also whos spear heading it?
  10. NightTimeNoctis

    Need working trainer for Tony hawk Pro Skater 1+2 for exp.

    exactly what the title says need trainer for the game . perferably with exp. or maybe a cheat engine table.
  11. NightTimeNoctis

    SAVE Needed. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 epic store. Alien Unlocks.

    if anyone has a save that has the alien stuff unlocked it would be much appriciated.
  12. NightTimeNoctis

    ROM Hack Suggestion Borderland PreSequel (ACTUAL) max money save please.

    the cheats ive found for max money in the cheats database on here do not give you max money. they give you 99,999. when you get to higher levels weapons that can be purchased start costing anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 and ammo starts costing you thousands of dollars. can someone please make...
  13. NightTimeNoctis

    Gaming Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Q_Q

    Q_Q does anyone want Odin sphere to come to switch as bad as i do? it would be super cool if someone was able to start some sort of underground port project to the switch.
  14. NightTimeNoctis

    ROM Hack Question Pillars of Eternity Cheats.

    i know there is a thread on this but its old. but it has 2,080 views and only 2 replys. with no results. so i wanted to ask again is there any pillars of eternity cheats other than this
  15. NightTimeNoctis

    Hardware Dobe Switch joycon solution for handheld mode. You wont regret it Gamer...
  16. NightTimeNoctis

    ROM Hack Question enable skyrim console commands on nintendo switch?

    so im getting the brown face neckseam bug that happens with skyrim se. and im wondering if there is a way or a mod we can make to enable the console. I as told there are fixes to be made with the console other than that. i still think it would be cool for us to have.
  17. NightTimeNoctis

    Gaming Animal Crossing NH room size expansion? how do i unlock?

    in new leaf you could upgrade the size of all your rooms. i dont believe they would take something this important out. So how is it unlocked. because nook at this point even with the service tent upgrade and the addition of isabell i can not upgrade my house any further. can someone farther than...
  18. NightTimeNoctis

    Hardware is there a video capture shortcut on the Ipega 9083?

    i cant figure out how to capture video
  19. NightTimeNoctis

    Homebrew Question Video Capture homebrew that doesnt need the screenshot button specifically.

    i have a little problem with my Ipega 9083s it is a controller for the switch thats a joycon alternative. problem is its mainly for tablets and phones. and has switch compatibility thrown in. the problem is, that there is a home button but no screen shot or vid capture button. and to save a...
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