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    Hacking English Kernel on Chinese R4 DS?

    Hi there, since I am living in China for the next bunch of years and have access to R4 DS cards for about 10 Dollars, my question now is: Can I use the English Kernel on a Chinese R4 DS card? Thanks, Tek
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    Gaming Hotel Dusk Room 215 NOT saving on SC Lite MicroSD

    Hi, yesterday I played Hotel Dusk all night long and saved very often. Today I wanted to continue my quest and what did my sore eyes see: No savegame slot used whatsoever :C So I started a new game, went through the looong intro once again in order to save, tried loading the freshly saved...
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    Hardware What Languages In Chinese Wii

    Hey Folks, I have to leave towards China soon and I am planning to buy me a Wii in Shanghai. Since I don't know any Chinese I am interested in what languages I can choose. Or is a Chinese Wii Chinese only?! Thanks, Tek!
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    Misc Could anybody help me setting up IRCDS?

    Help, IRCDS 0.2a freezes when trying to connect. Got the Nintendo WiFi Stick properly installed as a soft AP, got the config set up but it keeps freezing. I'm using a SuperCard lite.
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    Hacking microSD fits kinda loose in sc micro black,normal?

    Hi, got my SC micro black today and I noticed that the micro SD card is fitting kinda soft, meaning that I can put it in and take it out VERY easily. Normal?
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    Hacking Will this microSD work with SuperCard Lite?

    Hi, I just read in the SuperCard Lite FAQ that it does NOT support CF II cards (whatever they are) I ordered this one on Amazon just half an hour ago: Would it work or is it a non-compatible CF II card? Please don't disappoint me...
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    Hacking Hot to re-use HORI Screenprotectors?

    Hi, I checked my brand new NDS lite in the white main menu screen, didn't find any dead pixels and applied the HORIs. Then I started Tetris DS and noticed 2 dead / stuck pixels. Next I dismounted the HORIs carefully with some tape and "stored" them on the Tetris DS case because I threw away...
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    Hacking DS Lite Black not supposed to break?

    Did anyone had hinge problems with a black one yet? You scared the shit out of me, so I ordered the DS black although I like white better So please DON'T tell me the black ones have the same problems hehe
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    Hacking Whats the deal about GBA Issues

    Hi, I am kinda new to the NDS scene so I spent the last 2 days reading and reading some more I still have to decide which flash card I will get. What is "the" best Lite Device around up to date? G6 or SuperCard? and Could anybody please tell me what is ment by GBA "Issues"? Thanks a lot...
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