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  1. GerBrew

    Homebrew Question Can’t start any Software! Help!

    I just updated to 11.0.1 with Atmosphere 0.17.0. The Update worked fine, but now I can't open any Software. Whether I install a new Tinfoil NRO or any game, it always crashes immediately. I even updated the sigpatches, but I think there are not even relevant for my problem. „Atmosphere Error...
  2. GerBrew

    Hacking Question Can’t start any NSP! Help!

    I recently wanted to Update my Nintendo Switch Firmware and got a bit of complications with it. Long story short: I saved my Micro SD Card Data with all my games on the PC and format my SD new. With the new formatted SD card I updated my Switch. After I was on 9.1.0 I tried to copy the games...
  3. GerBrew

    Homebrew Question ChoiDujourNX Firmware Update Fail.

    Im trying to update my Nintendo Switch Firmware from 8.1.0 to 9.1.0 and every time i hit„Start installation“ i get „The software was closed because an error occurred.“ How can I fix this? Im on Atmosphere 0.10.2
  4. GerBrew

    Homebrew Bluetooth Headphones on Nintendo Switch.

    Is there a way to use Bluetooth headphones on the Nintendo Switch without any extra Hardware? Cathery on GitHub works already on a way to get Bluetooth Controller support with sys-con. So I guess its not impossible to get Bluetooth Headphones connected to the Nintendo Switch with a CFW. Is there...
  5. GerBrew

    Gaming Pokémon Sword & Shield Unreleased Pokémon.

    I saw a video where someone got Pokémon that are yet not supposed to be in the game but are already playable. I searched for cheat codes but didn’t find any. Can someone tell me how I can do this or link to a tutorial? Thanks!
  6. GerBrew

    Hacking Question Hektar CtCear 5.0.0 on Atmosphere?

    Is it possible to use Hekate CtCear 5.0.0 on Atmosphere? It won’t work for me. If I load it it’s just act like a Fusee-Primary.bin file.
  7. GerBrew

    Hacking Question Nintendo Logo Stuck after ChoiDujourNX Firmware Update

    I was on Atmosphere 0.9.1 and wanted to update my Nintendo Switch Firmware from 8.0.1 to 8.1.0 via ChoiDujourNX 1.0.2. So I do everything exactly like in the endless tutorials online and choose 8.1.0 (exFAT) because my SD is a exFAT. After waiting for the 30 Seconds Countdown to be finished my...
  8. GerBrew

    Hacking Question can i return a broken Joy-Con?

    I have my Switch for 6 Months and my left Joy-Con has a problem. He works perfectly fine but the left Joy-Con is missing a tiny plastic thing (In the picture). Because of that the Left joy-con dosent stuck in the Switch and can get removed without pushing the black button on the back side...
  9. GerBrew

    Homebrew Question Switch Homebrew this year?

    Do you guys think the Switch will get Homebrew till end of this year? I mean it seems like the Homebrew Scene gets very much work done in no time! What are you thoughs? How many months till Homebrew Release?
  10. GerBrew

    Homebrew Question What will be the latest Emulator working on Switch?

    What will be the latest Console Emulator working on Switch? NES up to N64 will work fine on the switch. But do you guys think a 3DS,Gamecube,Wii and the Wii U Emulator will work on the Switch? What is possible with the Switch?
  11. GerBrew

    Homebrew On Switch Emulators?

    This Youtube Channel uploaded much videos about having Emulators on the Nintendo Switch. Is this yet possible? And how we can do that?
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