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  1. daddu3

    Hacking Metroid Prime Trilogy refusing to boot on any games through any USB Loading, even with compatible HDD

    Been hammering away a long while now on getting Metroid Prime Trilogy to work on my Wii through USB Loader GX. There's varying amounts of info or help that I've tested which haven't still yielded me on booting any of the games, instead always booting me back on Wii Menu or in more rarer...
  2. daddu3

    Hacking Issues with EZ Flash Omega

    Just bought this flashcart for the refurbished AGS-101 Model I bought due Everdrive GBA X5 feeling too costly. Games save all across the board proprly so far, but I've been noticing recurring compability issues right from the beginning as I'm testing it. - Super Mario Land 2: Coin + 1up Sound...
  3. daddu3

    Hardware Attempting N3DS Repair

    So my N3DS managed to fall down few times and now cracked bit open from the area around the L-Button - now the system won't turn on fully, just blue light until it flashes white very quick and turns off. So far tried to get it to repair but since mine was modded, the service got refused -...
  4. daddu3

    Homebrew Failed to extract Official VC Pokemon Silver-banner

    I wanted to edit it for my own liking but for some reason I'm not able to get the banner files or anything to edit in Ba-GUI-nner Tool. (The banner-folder is completely empty) This is what I'm getting: Does anyone possibly have any idea what's going on?
  5. daddu3

    Hacking Is my hard drive spinning down?

    I've noticed that my hard drive's maybe getting old or something because now when I try to play some games like Mario Kart Wii or Super Mario Galaxy, the music would stop at certain parts in both games or they would freeze to some certain screens. And everytime this happens, the hard drive...
  6. daddu3

    Hacking Donkey Kong Jungle Beat = Black Screen

    I'm quite experienced with modding my PAL Wii (done that for 1 year now). Anyway, I've tried to make Donkey Kong Jungle Beat work on my Wii from the newest USB Loader GX and Configurable USB Loader, but I always get a black screen. (Or Configurable USB Loader would hang loading the game) Tested...
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