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    Very random snes question

    Out of pure curiosity, I just plugged my old snes to a newer tv for the first time. Searched for the channels etc. (it's a snes that plugs in to the antenna plug) anyway this channel suddenly appeared. So any idea what this is? something to do with snes or TV?
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    Gaming Windows 7 network problem

    I was bored so I installed windows 7 beta build 7000. Works fine, but for some weird reason it doesn't recognize my network adapter. It's "Generic Marvell Yukon 88E8056 based Ethernet Controller". Anyone else have this problem? Or any idea how to solve it? If it's even solvable. Thanks in advance.
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    blackcats-games help!

    not sure if it's allowed to discuss this here but whatever. So I just got my account disabled from blackcats-games for no reason. Good ratio, no hit and runs, no cheating etc. Anyone know any email address, irc channel (instructions how to get there, can't access to them either) or similar where...
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    ds gamezzz

    Why the hell there's no other awesome games for ds than warioware? And Why warioware is so awesome? It's the best game on the system and it's almost like launch title or something. What in the world is going on in here.
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    Misc DS wifi error

    There's probably millions of these threads, but anyway. I'm getting error code 51300 when I use wep key on my wireless router. If I turn wep key thing off, ds wifi works fine. Is it that DS doesn't support wep key or am I just doing something wrong? Every other device works fine with it. (ps3...
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    Why... that old guy shaking? Too many wireless signals?
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    which one to sell?

    I've a minor problem. I really need to sell Wii or Ds but I'm not sure which one to sell. So I'm asking gbatemp's advice for this. Probably not doing like gbatemp says, but still. Reason to this? - Kind of running low on money atm (not really much, but it's a good excuse). And I've too many...
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    Gaming games for trip

    I'm basically going to Japan tomorrow and I need something addictive to play during the flight, since I get bored easily. I haven't been into portable gaming lately, sold my ds and kept psp mostly because of all homebrew and multimedia capabilities overall. Anyway, any recommendations? Can be...
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    1000 posts yayayaya

    Everyone does these threads anyway, so I decided to make my own. Finally after 1.5 year serious battling against evil in here GBAtemp. I have achieved the ultimate level of mightyness. The medal of gold dragon (Click here to see medal of gold dragon) Many have fallen on the way of the dragon...
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    car radio question(s)

    I don't know if there's any car audio experts here but i'll ask anyway. Basically i've "new" cd player ( pioneer DEH-1700R ) and old car (ford sierra -85). pioneer has iso socket and in my car there's just bunch of wires there. It should be possible to just connect the wires one by one? Well i...
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    Gaming Video editing question

    Just a quick question; Whenever I render something, like with virtualdub or just edit video. I get this interlacing stuff. Not 100% if it's actually called that. I'll use this randomly found picture as a example: So anyone know how to get rid of that? Bad codecs, bad settings or what? Thanks...
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    Yay it's my 18th birthday! What should I do first? Also give me cakes plx. : )
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    Gaming My homebrew mario kart wii wheel

    So i made this wheel thing for wii. It's made out of cardboard and tape. That's what you get when you have too much freetime. : ) Anyway it mostly sucks etc. but whatever. Dunno if you can somehow embed GT videos, so i'll just post direct link and screenshot...
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    Legolas suprises 3 teaser

    Almost exclusively to gbatemp, teaser of the new legolas suprises 3. The rumor says that it's the last one, but who knows. To those who don't know legolas suprises (Like someone wouldn't know them): Legolas suprises 1 Legolas suprises 2
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    PS1/2 Metal gear online signup.

    Found this link for guide through some other forum, so I wanted to share it with you guys. If you all haven't already seen this. It's a guide how to sign up for japanese metal gear online beta. I tried it and it worked. I received my beta key, now just need to wait for it to launch...
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    New email

    Hi all, I changed my msn address to Is that awesome? Yours truly, TaMs.
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    explorer crashes

    Running windows vista ultimate 32bit sp1. My problem is that explorer.exe keeps crashing everytime i open any folder. for example my computer, c:/, e:/jee/jejej/doosapks/ etc. any folder. Everything worked fine untill today. I don't remember that i did anything special today. Also i ran virus...
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    Gaming Is there going to be anything awesome for the wii?

    So is there anything hmm.. special / hyped things coming for wii? You know what i mean. I know that mario kart is coming "soon", but is there anything else? Also anything big coming from homebrew scene in the near future? Only asking, because I'mn ot sure if i should sell my wii. Some random guy...
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    modified mario strikers video.

    I just made really crappy video, so everyone can see what happens if you just try to "modify" games randomly. And actually see that it works. Yes everything sucks at that video. Half of it is green because WMP didn't work right once again and didn't have any other video editor atm. quality is...
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    Hardware making headset

    So i noticed that go!messenger was out. I decided to make headset to try it out. i remember that i saw tutorial how to make it few years ago. i searched for it and found. Only problem is that only thumbnail of the diagram is left there. But you really can't see nothing from that. So anyone...
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