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  1. KyuubiBoy9

    ROM Hack Extracting Opening Songs

    Hello. I was wondering if it's possible to extract the opening songs to put hd version of those opening songs? Games I would like to do this for are Sands of Destruction, Infinite Space, all the Rune Factory, and all the Luminous Ark. Is this possible?
  2. KyuubiBoy9

    Homebrew Homebrew app Homebrew Nsp Forwarder For Firmware 12.0.0+

    Hello. Here are some homebrew forwarders I've made that works on firmware below 12.0.0 and above. Credits Credits goes to those who made the icons below. Credits goes to @EddCase for creating the tool I've been using to make forwarders for firmware 12.0.0 and above possible. MelonDS TID...
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