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  1. umbreon112

    Hacking Shiren 4 (PSP) Translation

    So it's been a while (I forgot I had this thread here), but an update just in case anyone is interested: This is still in progress, and thanks to a person who goes by Arc Impulse, the game no longer crashes on startup + other fixes have been made. The translation is roughly 60% complete, with...
  2. umbreon112

    Hacking Shiren 4 (PSP) Translation

    Great to hear from you rastsan! Thanks for the tips, kkzero managed to make the font narrower, so it should fit within the windows now, at least for the PSP version. The main obstacle now is that the game crashes on startup, because from what I understand, the text takes up too much space in...
  3. umbreon112

    Hacking Shiren 4 (PSP) Translation

    Another update since it's been a few months. The main story scenes are fully translated now, along with most menus, names (item, monster, special moves, etc), scrolling messages during gameplay, and some other bits and pieces. I'm now working on the descriptions file which has 1800+ entries, so...
  4. umbreon112

    Hacking Shiren 4 (PSP) Translation

    Update: here's a video preview of the translated intro, so you can get an idea of how things look / how the game plays. Good news: Someone by the name of kkzero is working on adjusting the font + widths, and we also have access to the story text, so everything can be translated. Bad news: The...
  5. umbreon112

    Hacking Shiren 4 (PSP) Translation

    So right after I say it's basically not happening, someone who goes by DhrGR came by with a script that can do text insertions for the game. We don't have access to the story text yet, but everything else can be translated now. The game already has a proportional (variable) width font we can...
  6. umbreon112

    Hacking Shiren 4 (PSP) Translation

    I'd rather not say which game it is on a larger platform like gbatemp, since we don't want to risk drawing Chunsoft's attention before it's released (They announced a Shiren 5 Switch port recently, so they might be considering remaking old titles too for all we know). But the text is 100%...
  7. umbreon112

    Hacking Shiren 4 (PSP) Translation

    A person here who had done some work on Shiren 4 shared some of their notes about the game late last year, but hacking the game is above my skill level at the moment, and they didn't respond to my last message, so it basically hasn't moved forward at all. (Side note: the text encoding is Unicode...
  8. umbreon112

    Hardware Nintendo switch overheat?

    The Switch can get quite hot in the dock, especially if you play for extended periods of time. I don't think there's much you can do outside of running a fan / air conditioner (and make sure the vent isn't blocked), but like Hayato said as long as it's not turning off, it should be fine.
  9. umbreon112

    Hardware Would you get this switch?

    I haven't replaced anything on my Switch yet, but I used to take apart Wii/DS consoles for repairs, and I've heard Switch is easier than those. I'd guess you can do it with small tri-wing + phillips screwdrivers and a teardown guide with screenshots from google / video on youtube. The main...
  10. umbreon112

    Webcomic Temper Tantrums #42 - Starting Open World Games

    I'm definitely the cautious type, but with an added worry of finding all hidden items / doing all side quests before accidentally ending up progressing the story. (Though way-points with main objective markers help with avoiding that).
  11. umbreon112

    NES classic Duck Hunt receives a fan-made remake for the PS Vita

    That looks pretty neat. I don't know much about duck hunt outside the context of smash bros., but it's cool to see classic games like this one remade.
  12. umbreon112

    Hello, XP farming, here we go.

    I'm finding myself in the same boat a bit. Came across someone I'd like to send a PM to regarding Shiren 4 hacks/translation, but can't send a PM yet, so now I'm searching for topics to contribute to.
  13. umbreon112

    Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX will be releasing September 26

    Haven't played a fast-paced 2D action game in a while, but if it's made by the same devs as the Mega Man Zero series, I'll definitely check it out. Trailer looks pretty good.
  14. umbreon112

    Nintendo has no more games scheduled for release on the 3DS

    I suspect they'll come out with a Switch-light model instead of making a new handheld console as a successor. Because really, what first party games would they be able to make for a 4DS that isn't already on Switch? (smash bros, animal crossing, pokemon, fire emblem, zelda, mario, etc. are all...
  15. umbreon112

    Gaming Darks souls remastered question Switch version

    There's actually a soul duplication glitch you can perform for unlimited souls. It's not as instant as checking an infinite souls checkbox in a cheat menu, but it's still pretty fast. I'm not allowed to post links yet since I'm new here, but it should show up on YouTube if you search for it.
  16. umbreon112

    ASSEMbler Games forum about to close

    Wow, this is really unfortunate news. I had gotten into Dreamcast romhacking a few months back, and many of the posts on that site have been a huge help, so it'll be sad to see it all vanish. I signed up at the time to ask some questions (was working on Asuka Kenzan) but was never allowed to...
  17. umbreon112

    Hacking Shiren 4 (PSP) Translation

    I did a little bit of work on Shiren Gaiden Asuka Kenzan (Dreamcast) which uses Shift-JIS, so I'd like to say that's what Chunsoft sticks to... but then I remembered Asuka was developed by Neverland Co. instead of them, so I'm not really sure. I've heard of cases like Japanese N64 games that...
  18. umbreon112

    Hacking Shiren 4 (PSP) Translation

    --- Update (Sept. 30th, 2021) --- Check the latest post for details, but the tl;dr is that this is still in-progress, and the translation is somewhere around 60% complete at the moment. --- Update (May 19th, 2020): --- Story text can be translated, and the font width is being worked on...
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