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    Hacking Burned games not really working

    Thanks for the help Lacius, I'll try the ModMii first as that seems easier than trying to flash the wiikey. Edit: Got ModMii to work, updated everything. Tatsunoko vs Capcom worked while Super Mario Bros didn't. I decided to use my external hard drive instead. Ran into a bit of trouble but...
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    Hacking Burned games not really working

    Hi, so I borrowed my friends nintendo wii since mine bricked and apparently my friend has a wiikey and modmii on his but he doesn't know when he got them and how old they are. Hell, he doesn't even know if he has modmii on it but he knows for sure he has a wiikey. We both bought our Nintendo...
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    Hacking Pokemon Platinum USA Save Issues

    I'm not sure if you still have this problem but I also have EZ-Flash IV Lite Compact and Pokemon Platinum didn't save for me either. But you can fix it if you get a save file, you can always either download through gamefaq, ask for one or go make one of your own through another flash. And once...
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