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  1. Monster223

    Hardware [Question] Switch banning

    I have two switch one I use for modding, and one for playing games, I moved the original account to the other switch, and I put another account on the modded switch. Would it still be possible for the original account I set the modded switch up with to be banned?
  2. Monster223

    Hardware I used the wrong charger for my switch, it wont turn on, help?

    So a few weeks ago Ive used the wrong charger for my switch, not the Nintendo brick a phone charger no it wont turn, and I’m not sure what to do, I dont know if it needs a battery replacement or what, but any given assistance would be helpful.
  3. Monster223

    Hacking Would soft mods for Nintendo switch lite ever be possible?

    I was just wondering since I had a switch lite, but didn’t want to risk damaging it with a botched mod chip install.
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