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    Homebrew Wii U HDMI RGB Range

    Hello The Wii U outputs limited RGB Range through HDMI. Because my screen doesnt handle that well, I wanted to ask if there is some soft of homebrew or hack that forces the wii u to output at full range. I tried looking for one, with no luck. Thanks
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    Hacking PastaCFW and rxTools With n3DS 9.0 - DSiWare and GBA wont work.

    Hello all. I am having a strange issue. On a n3DS 9.0, I installed the gateway emunand, and updated it to 9.5. All works well, CIA's, etc. Using Ninjahax, I used rxTools and later PastaCFW to get into sig-patched sysNand 9.0 and installed both GBA cia files and 1 DSiWare cia file using...
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    Hacking Loadiine 4 - Super Mario 3D World loading problem

    Hello all :) Today i have bought a Wii U Basic, updated it to 5.3.2, and followed all the steps in the guide here. My router would simply not block the stated urls for some reason, and even using TubeHax didnt work for some reason. It still returned a proper ip and dns on that nslookup site...
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    Hacking Gamecube Remakes Temporarily Freeze

    Hello. I am using an LG 320gb USB 2.0 hard drive and the latest USB Loader GX (the one that has an internal patch for PoP Forgotten Sands). When trying to run Wii games like Galaxy, Galaxy 2, New SMB Wii, Metroid 3 etc, all is well. However, I have tried running Pikmin and Resident Evil 0 (the...
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