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    Hacking GW blue card DSi XL 1.4.5E

    hi all, As the title says I'm trying to use my GW blue card on my DSiXL but I keep getting the "an error has occurred press power button... Etc" on boot. I tried another SD, reformatting them (always in FAT32), changing SD reader and redownloading the firmware from gw site, but every time afrer...
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    Hardware O3ds NFC reader/writer

    Hi all, I was reading about the o3ds nfc reader and I heard that in some cases a firmware update is required. Now I plan to use it with FE:SoV and I have a 3ds xl in 4.2 fw with 10.2 emunand (I know it's obsolete and I should move on from gateway but I'm used to it and, since I'm not...
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    Hardware Is Amiiqo (or N2) working with the Switch?

    Hi, Seeing that some people already got their hands on the new Nintendo Switch, I wanted to know if the Amiiqo/N2 Elite is working with the NFC reader on the right joycon, provided that somebody is/Was able to test it.
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