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    Hacking CoreUnlocker80000H - A plugin to unlock Vita's 4th CPU core

    The download is here: I am posting this to create awareness of the plugin, it seems that many people have missed the news about this. Currently it won't speed up your games yet, but it will in the future. The best usage now is for...
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    Hacking Why is the sd2vita so fragile?

    This is a warning for those new to sd2vita adaptor. My adaptor arrived yesterday, I put my sd card in but I find it hard to slide the card in - like there's something blocking it. Eventually I managed to push it in and it works fine, all the games shows up and I can play them. So I removed the...
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    Hacking Don't use Wifi to transfer games

    If you use NPS browser to download games, DON'T USE WIFI to transfer the games to your Vita, it won't work. No matter how small the game is, use USB cable to do it. No one ever mentioned this, I just want to put it here so any newbies googling for this problem will know. PKGJ is the easiest...
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    Hacking Switch FW 8.1 is out

    Don't update, wait for others to be Guinea pigs and report here. Official statement from Nintendo: "General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience"
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    Hacking Zelda BotW 1.6.0 using Firmware 7.01 - What will happen?

    The latest Zelda:BotW patch 1.6.0 requires FW 8.0 to run. Some users use Tinfoil to bypassed the FW requirement, but the game needs FW 8.0 to overclock up to 1.75ghz with the latest patch. So what happens if you run it on lower firmware? No change in speed or will the game runs slower if it...
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    Hacking Suggestion If you updated to 6.2 and Pinball FX 3 breaks, here's what to do...

    After updating the OFW to 6.2 and using SXOS 2.4 the first game I tested was Pinball FX 3 - just as I thought, it stops working. This is the most troublesome game in the eshop, it breaks every time there's a major change to the firmware. The first thing you do is delete the game, then...
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    Hacking USB Hard Drive for Portable Mode

    Some users here think that USB hard drive support is pointless for portable mode - you are wrong. I play 99% in portable mode and this feature for SXOS is the best thing ever for CFW users: You can use a USB-C adaptor (only a few dollars on Amazon) to connect your hard drive to your Switch and...
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    Hacking To avoid being banned, don't install Pinball FX 3

    I am finally banned after using CFW for 4 months, all thanks to Pinball FX 3. This game stopped working after I updated to 6.0 firmware, recently I applied the latest 1.04 update to see if it will revived - nope. The only thing left to do is delete the entire game and install the base game and...
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    Homebrew Question How hard is it to port Wii Emulator from Shield?

    Nintendo made a Wii emulator for Nvidia's Shield: Since it's running on the same processor as Switch, I think it can be ported. Has anyone tried doing that or is that impossible? I...
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    Hacking SXOS 1.6 is buggy

    I just updated to SXOS 1.6 using ftpd to transfer the boot.dat to my Switch - once I exited the ftp app, it freezes. This never happened before, I use ftp to update every single time without any problems. I hold down the power button until the display is off and send the payload but it refused...
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    Homebrew Suggestion Switch Video Player

    Is this doable? Maybe TX or home brewers can make a usable video player for Switch? Is there's an API that can access the hardware video decoder in the Tegra X-1 chip? I think someone should reverse engineered the media player in the Nvidia Shield and their TV set-top boxes.
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    Hacking For people who can't get devmenu to run

    I wasted a day trying to install devmenu but it keeps freezing at the logo screen. Now I know why it happened. It has nothing to do with ExFat/Fat32, SDcard or filename, etc. The problem is the file attribute for the SXOS folder and it's subfolders. I hope this will help out some of you with the...
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    Hacking New firmware coming out soon... with Youtube, Netflix support

    Don't be a Hamlet, 'To update or not to update' - that's not a question anymore. After E3, firmware 6.00 will come with video streaming support and everyone will update. Yay! :grog::toot::hrth:
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    No more piracy on Github?

    Now that Microsoft owned Github, does that mean piracy related stuff will be banned soon?
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    Hacking Team X SX new website with lots of info
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    Hacking Capcom will now 'rent' their games - pirate proof?

    Capcom has just announced that they will be selling RE7 on Switch through cloud streaming. Is this the beginning of the end for backup? It's the best method to defeat piracy. :unsure:
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    Hacking Nintendo Switch Online

    OK, since no one is asking I'll do it: How will the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online affects the use of CFW? I believe they will change the account system as well to be more like iOS/Android. A major change in firmware will definitely be launched before September, will it breaks the Switch...
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    Hacking LABO firmware requirement?

    Hi guys, I am thinking of getting the LABO. Does anyone know if the software that came with it requires the latest firmware?
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    Hacking Infrared (night vision) and thermal imaging camera home-brew?

    People have recently found out that the Switch has an infrared and thermal camera in the right joy-con. Is it possible to make a home-brew app to enable the camera? There's a LABO app that uses the Infrared and thermal camera functions, but it displays the image in a very small frame. It will be...
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    Hacking Did anyone got banned using 11.3 or below?

    I am starting to think 11.4 contains a trojan that monitors CFW, Freeshop and cheating. Someone should see what Nintendo add/changed in 11.4 firmware.
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