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    Homebrew RELEASE Development Thread - RetroArch libnx

    Is the all-in-one in the op being updated or are these PSX changes happening outside of that?
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    Hacking Bought a switch today and SX pro just arrived , what i should do next ?

    Great plan, that's what I've done as well. Let 'er rip!
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    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    After a NAND restore the switch will have no record of the games played. Like, if you were to create a NAND backup with Profile A set up, then remove that profile and set up Profile B, jump into SX OS do whatever you want, then restore your NAND backup it'll boot up and Profile A will still be...
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    Hacking Firmware status

    I have XAJX40044, I hope this isn't an elaborate scheme to get me to post my full serial # :ph34r:
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    Hacking Firmware status

    Not sure how accurate that is. That serial has been in the wild since at least March Edit: I have a XAJ4004XXXXXXX unit that I have no problem getting into RCM and running Hekate 3.2
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    Hacking Some dude has a theory of how to get VC Games to..

    Hm count me out if darkfader is involved.
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    Hardware Game boy micro = my new mp3 player

    I'll second the clix recommendation
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    Hacking It's time to find a Exploit in the Wii

    What the fuck is with all this "malicious" talk? Running backups does not require you to run malicious code. Besides, the system has been out 48 hours.. Why in the world would you need to run backups so soon? Enjoy your original copies for now...
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    Gaming I Want a Black Wii

    You know what happens when people try to repaint their gaming system? Horror.
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    Hacking SCL anyone got theirs yet?

    I got all 8 of mine
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    Hacking Light Leakage on DS Lite

    Sure, if you're willing to pay another 25 dollars per unit because of the new material and manufacturing procedure.
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    Hacking SC LITE....... good deals on 1gb micro?

    I'm so tired of your bullshit. Stop posting about it on every SC board.
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    Hacking I got my SCL today in the mail!

    lol, so let me recap. You ordered the card People flamed each other at how stupid this post is You came back to update us with "it's working" Just making sure I haven't missed anything.
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    Hacking new SuperCard Lite (MicroSD) (official)

    1) Look for a utility called fatsort, run it on your SD card. Poof, sorted.
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    Hacking SuperCard Lite Pictures!

    Alright, thanks for coming out.. I honestly don't care for skins, the menu allows me to select my game/homebrew. That's all I need it to do. Skins don't justify the extra cost, not in my books. I have an Xrom and a backlit GBA SP for gba games.
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    Hacking Just got my SC lite!!

    Let's clear this up. An SD card adapter simply allows one to plug the micro sd card into a full sized SD card... You will still need an SD card reader, but at least now you won't have to hunt down a MICRO SD card reader. Get it? SD CARD ADAPTER SD CARD READER
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    Hacking Price comparison for G6L and SCL

    I've bought from realhot twice, both times large orders. He marks them as low value and I've never been dinged.
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    Hacking Supercard Lite vs EZ4 Lite

    Yeah there is a specific patcher for SC Lite, hence why romman didn't want it released until friday. Gotta love the people who break the rules then wonder why it doesn't work.
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    Hacking Supercard Lite vs EZ4 Lite

    O rly? That's quite a statement considering the supercard lite isnt officially released yet. There IS a new patcher. Check out Slowdowns greatly reduced if not completely eliminated.
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