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    Ryujinx taken down from Appveyor, project to move to GitHub Releases

    They can't take them down but with such a lawyer army they are on constant alert where even a tiny code slip up can lead to the whole project being taken down. Lets face it, not many emulation hobbyists can afford to ask a lawyer for advice every time.
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    Gaming fell off a long time ago. Did you realize?

    I think it all started with: - Microsoft focusing on Xbox , wasting billions -Computer hardware becoming cheaper because of outsourcing to Asia, meaning less lucrative . Eg look at the successful Sierra business model of the 80s, targeting the affluent computer owners instead of the ones with...
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    Ryujinx taken down from Appveyor, project to move to GitHub Releases

    I finished Ninja Warriors on Ryujinx because on Yuzu it would crash out of a sudden after moving to the next stage. But now for over two months Ryujinx crashes when I try to load games from the gui. Have to load them externally, which makes games with updates and dlc unplayable. But the whole...
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    Hacking PS4 gets kernel level access on FW 4.06

    On the other hand arcades were dirt cheap. Eg where I lived, an expensive SNES game equalled to 1500 arcade credits.
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    Emulation [RELEASE] Cemu - Wii U emulator

    Hallo, on Super Smash Bros EU version I get a black screen after the button menu appears. I unchecked sound and disabled compressed textures. Do I have to wait for some minutes or is there anything else? Game loads through the rpx executable. system: Win10 Anniverary Update, i7 4790K, MSI...
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