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  1. Haaaal

    Hardware Is it Possible to Factory Reset Gamepad/Clear Gamepad's Memory?

    Hi everyone, as the title says, I just want to factory reset my gamepad, or clear it's internal memory, ONLY the gamepad, from what I can see, it saves icon data from installed software for the quick start menu, also there is the TV remote option, that can still be used when the console is...
  2. Haaaal

    Hacking vWii Decaffeinator - Restore vWii without a NAND Backup

    You saved my life, thank u very much!!! :bow:
  3. Haaaal

    Homebrew Super Mario 64 Port - Wii U

    I'm glad to see the Wii U is not forgotten, I had many issues trying to build it but I finally made it I'm looking forward for the mods support, thank you very much for this!
  4. Haaaal

    Homebrew The Wii U Homebrew Request Thread

    What about Wiimote+Nunchuck emulation trough the Wii U Gamepad? I saw someone working on wiimote emulation trough gamecube controllers and I know TeconMoon's WiiVC injector has a feature that allows vertical wiimote emulation but nunchuck and motion controllers are not supported, I don't really...
  5. Haaaal

    Hi there

    Hello everyone I'm very interested in the 3DS and Wii/Wii U scene, I've been visiting this forum for a long while, I always find very interesting and helpful stuff so it was about time to create an account
  6. Haaaal

    Hacking Wiimote emulation through GameCube controller

    This project is amazing, I wonder if it would be posible to use this to control games using the Wii U gamepad, I know that in some wii games it can be used as a classic controller and with nintendont it works as the gamecube controller
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