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  1. NEKpewar

    ROM Hack Question Shiny Zacian, Zamazenta and another legendary Pokemon Hacked Raids

    I see many raid where host a Shiny Zamazenta, zacian, Marshadow, mew, mewtwo, melmetal gmax, eternatus gmax, etc, so I question How to do that??? I search information about that but it's impossible find!! So if anyone know how to do that, I really appreciate it!!! Thnx!!!
  2. NEKpewar

    Homebrew Question AutoGiveaway Bot for Sword and Shield?

    Hi, recently I saw a YT channel where he have a software like Ledybot (autogiveaway bot for ORAS and US/UM), I question me if it's a real software or it's a fake?? And what´s the name and where I get the software? But would be great ledybot returns!! Here it's a video:
  3. NEKpewar

    ROM Hack [ RomHack Question] It's possible to Mega Evolve a Pokemon before you finish the game?

    Hi! I try to do a UM/US Romhack and I have a question, I edited the Shop and put a Key Stone to buy in stores and obsviously Mega Stones, but in battle (Pokemon League or wild Pokemon) I can't mega evolve my Pokémon. Is there a way how to make mega evolve in the game before finishing it?
  4. NEKpewar

    ROM Hack [Request] New SM Patches for Randomize Pokemon Su/Mo v1.1??

    Plz someone have these files for randomize Pokemon Su/Mo v1.1??? Before works when I play but now nothing happens!! Thnx!!
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