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    ROM Hack GBA - Melody: Chapter N: Death of Sound

    Melody is a disturbed girl whose future has been written by her unfair past. Follow the prologue as she recollects distressing memories and rediscovers emotions that has once been temporarily lost in the depths of her heart. Screenshots are available for viewing below. The ROM is available for...
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    [Debate] It's not stealing if it's something you need?

    Stealing is stealing no matter how you look at it. However, I think that the intention behind the action matters more than the action itself (。´∀`)ノ
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    ROM Hack GBA - Death Sentence

    Death Sentence is a short story about a writer that would create texts to alleviate his pain. Once dead, however, he finds that he cannot ease his suffering, as the paper no longer accepts his emotions. Screenshots are available for viewing below. The ROM is available for keeping as an attachment.
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    (PS4) Fallout 4 Texture popups/FPS dips

    I guess when you really like something you're willing to look past its flaws.
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    Dreams or nightmares you've had

    Sometimes I dream the future but I can only remember about the dream when it actually happens.
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    Walmart ad is out!

    I was hoping to get a Vita that day.
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    Hacking Shock3DS is FAKE!

    Pro Microsoft Paint skills (。´∀`)ノ
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    What is your favorite game from 1995 - 2003?

    Tomba! has a special place in my heart (。´∀`)ノ
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    Why do anti pirates come to a homebrew forum mostly used for piracy?

    Your My Little Pony forum comparison is a bit off (。´∀`)ノ
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    Do you put a case on your phone?

    I put a case on my phone to protect it from scratches (。´∀`)ノ
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    Here comes a new challenger!

    Hello temp (。´∀`)ノ
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